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Trigger-Point Massage Tools for Home Muscle Therapy and Exercise Recovery

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Well-known by many athletes and professionals, trigger point massage exercises and tools play a significant role in exercise recovery as well as self massage therapy. You see, engaging in virtually any type of physical activity can put strain on muscles and tendons. Likewise, this consistent stress is what enables our muscles to grow and strengthen. Through trauma and recovery, the muscles of the human body repair themselves and adapt to meet the greater physical demand presented. Of course, for many athletes as well as activity-minded individuals, proper rest and recovery from physical exertion should be considered just as important as exercise itself. Although, recovering from various forms of working out can sometimes be a daunting task.

This is particularly true when dealing with an over-strained muscle or some other form of injury. For serious injuries, you are advised to visit a healthcare facility and seek the attention of a medical practitioner. However, a general session at the gym, recreational activity, a pickup game or intense sports practice is usually but not always unlikely to yield a severe injury. For injuries of lesser intensity or "normal injury" referring to the natural trauma and subsequent adaptations related to an active lifestyle, there is always the option to supplement your recovery at home with convenient, trigger-point massage tools for muscle therapy. Additionally, the alleviation of the discomfort associated with sore muscles can provide a relaxing and therapeutic feeling that promotes better quality rest and results in faster overall recovery. Here, we look at various tools you could use to help you recover from a tiring day at work or whenever else you feel your muscles are sore.

1. Thera Cane

A TheraCane is used to loosen knots that form on your muscles throughout the day without the help of a professional masseuse. Its design has been developed by healthcare professionals and enables pain-relieving compressions to occur in even hard to reach areas. Apart from lessening tension in the muscles, it improves blood flow to the muscles leading to feelings of overall relaxation. It works excellently for anyone who undergoes regular muscle stress and comes in a variety of colors.

Thera Canes can work the upper, mid and lower back, the neck, shoulders, and forearms. On the lower body, the device can be used to self-massage the upper and lower legs as well as the feet.

On Amazon, the Thera Cane comes in different colors including blue and green. The Thera Cane green, specifically, comes with six different balls placed strategically to reach tense muscles. To guide you through the massage process, the tool comes with a handbook with diagrams and step by step instructions on how to reach all the body parts it targets. This makes it relatively easy to use. Additionally, it has been rated five out of five stars and is rated the fourth best back massager. Also, it has a lifetime guarantee on the sale of the product.

2. Foam Roller

Foam Rollers were in the past exclusively used in the athletic departments to enhance muscle recovery in sportsmen and women. Their use targets trigger points which hurt after physical activity. Through foam roller exercises, these parts of the body are stretched and in this way released. As such, proper movement can be reestablished so that you can participate in the same activities the following day. Further, the routines enhance flexibility so that participants are less prone to injuries incurred in their day-to-day operations. This improves overall performance and could aid you to get more out of your work, practice sessions or workouts at the gym. Exercises using this device can lessen tension in the calves, hamstrings, quads, back, outer thighs and shoulders.

For foam roller use, we will look at the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller, available on Amazon. It is rated 4.5 out of five stars as a result of close to three thousand reviews.

Pros: From the high number of reports, it is quite clear that the product has a viable track record. Its unique design gives it a highly-dense structure with a hollow core. That means you can get more comfort while lying on it for back exercises as compared to other foam rollers. It also has supports weight of up to 500 pounds, which means it can be used by a wide range of individuals. To easier understand how to use the product, it also comes with instructional videos that offer step by step guidance. Further, this foam roller has been endorsed by various healthcare and fitness professionals.

Cons: There is little to say apart from the fact that it has a short one-year warranty despite the fact that this product’s use is more towards the long-term.

3. Self-Massager

These devices are specially designed to enable you to relax as you enjoy a massage that mimics the techniques applied by professionals. The purchase is for a one-off price, meaning you do not have to make regular payments unlike when you visit your local masseuse or spa for a therapy session. Additionally, self-massagers can be accessed at your convenience – you do not have to book an appointment or travel from work to seek massage services. Just like normal muscle recovery routines, these devices improve blood circulation and when well-used also aid in stress relief. In some cases, they have also been cited to enhance detoxification. That said, let’s look at a device that can help you reap all these benefits!

The Gideon™ Neck and Shoulder Therapeutic Dual Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool is available on Amazon and is one of the top rated gadgets in the self-massage category.

Pros: The product’s design has been developed to feel like a therapist’s hands. That decreases the somewhat mechanical feeling normally alluded to such devices. The device is mainly centered on the neck area and relieves pain and stiffness in this region with precision. It also helps lessen the intensity of migraines and helps with recovery from sprains. To give you a personal experience each time, you can control the pace and intensity of your muscle’s kneading. Additionally, the direction in which pressure is applied is also self-controlled.

Cons: Despite its personal experience, this product’s use is somewhat limited as it targets very few body parts. Areas such as the back and legs, which are common trigger points, are not included in its therapy areas.

4. Massage Chairs

Most of the devices in the muscle therapy and exercise recovery sector are inclined towards simply lessening muscle tension and improving flexibility. However, massage chairs can be used for other benefits as well. By simply sitting on these chairs under the prescribed conditions, you can experience stress relief and improvements in body circulation as well. Massage chairs also reduce pressure on nerves. When inclined in a horizontal position, these chairs lessen the pressure applied on nerves running across the spine leading to better transmission of impulses. Additionally, these chairs align the spine and in this way serve to improve one’s posture.

One of the massage chairs available on Amazon is the New Five Star FS8812 10. It comes in black and is available in other colors depending on the seller. Customer reviews rated this product at four out of five stars.

Pros: Apart from its vibration option, the chair comes with an added heat feature enabling you to get the most out of your massage experience. Its comfortable seat is specifically designed to help place individual effort in relaxing your lower back. Further, it also massages the neck, shoulders, upper back, and the thighs. Also, it is portable and can, therefore, be used in other places such as the car.

Cons: It lacks rolling balls, thereby visibly having an inadequacy in kneading muscles.

5. Heating Pads

Most injuries in the workplace or while engaging in other physical activities are as a result of overexertion of tissues. The application of heating pads over injured areas not only encourages healing in these regions but also provides almost immediate pain relief. Heat therapy dilates blood vessels, and this improves the flow of oxygenated blood to affected areas. As such, muscles receive better more nutrients aiding them to heal faster.

The PureRelief XL could be just what you are looking for if you are searching for a viable heating pad. It is available on Amazon and is available in gray and blue.

Pros: Its large 12” by 24” is perfect for relaxation over more major areas. Further, it heats up quickly meaning that relief is achieved over a shorter time. Additionally, it has a lucrative, five-year warranty and can be used on a variety of body parts. These include the shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms and back. Apart from a dry heating option, the PureRelief XL also has a moist heating choice that can be used to provide even more relaxation.

Cons: There isn’t much to say here. The product has had very many satisfied customers.

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