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The Top Rated Exercise Bikes for Your Home in 2017


An exercise bike, also known as a stationary bicycle, comes equipped with handlebars, pedals and a seat. While quite similar to a stand bicycle, the exercise bicycle is solely used for exercise. The exercise bike differs from a standard bike because it doesn’t drive anywhere when you pedal, instead it stays in one place, allowing the user to actively burn calories while indoors. Naturally, there are quite a few different benefits to using an exercise bicycle. Spending just a half an hour using an exercise bicycle can significantly help to burn calories. Unlike the treadmill, the exercise bike is joint friendly, whereas other types of aerobic exercises involving the jarring motions of jogging or team sports, can lead to sprains and other potential injuries.

Exercise Bikes

One never has to worry about suffering a traumatic injury from the use of an exercise bike. A common benefit of using an exercise bicycle aside from burning calories is that the positive physiological effects associated with cycling can dramatically reduce stress. It’s an excellent way to work out ones pent up frustration experienced from day to day life. Essentially, cycling indoors gives you the option to “bike it out” of your system any time of the day. As a buying tip, it has been discovered that having a large seat and pedals is what makes for the best exercise bike. The following is a list of the top best exercise and stationary bikes available to consumers.

Top 5 Exercise Bikes

The Schwinn 270 exercise bike is considered to be one of the top exercise bikes on the market today, featuring a multi-function, twin LCD display with more than twenty nine advanced settings. It is excellent for monitoring workout performance and helps to track your health metrics.

Weighing in at 101 pounds, it's fairly heavy but can still be moved easily when needed. This top-of-the-line bike is priced relatively reasonable at $413.00. You can purchase this exercise bike right now on Amazon.

If you're looking for an exercise bicycle that not only looks good but is robust, then you have come to the right place. The Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright has all of the features truly needed in a high-end exercise bike. Unlike some other models, this bike folds up easily so that it can be stored away in no time at all and only requires a minimal amount of self assembly.

Perhaps you're having guests over to your house and your bike is taking up needed space in the living room, not to worry, you can easily fold up the bike and store it in a convenient location. This exercise bike is considered to have the best value for your money and can be purchased now on Amazon for $149.00.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor exercise bicycle is more of a performance oriented exercise machine. Tension is more or less infinitely invariable, based on a braking system that restricts the heavy flywheel. This model is quite different from previously listed models because it has a chain drive, resulting in not being nearly as quiet as other exercise bicycles. It resembles a stationary bike more than an exercise bicycle.

However, even though it’s not as quiet as other exercise bikes, it’s still fairly quiet overall. This bike is more of a machine, geared for a more extreme type of workout or for the cyclist who wants to keep up their vigorous routine because they cannot bike outside due to weather conditions.

With a myriad of available features, Diamondback Fitness offers a whole new level of functionality to the home exercise bike. This recumbent bike includes sixteen levels of resistance and a front console which offers twenty different workout programs and functions. You definitely couldn’t purchase an exercise bike quite like this one thirty years ago. It is truly a bike of the future and likewise, among the top rated stationary exercise bikes.

Attention to detail reveals the quality craftsmanship put into the manufacturing of this bike. From every angle, it is obviously clear that Diamondback Fitness is serious about their brand. Although rather expensive, a dedicated cyclist or avid exercise junkie can appreciate the functionality of this bike for years to come. You can purchase the Diamondback Fitness Recumbent bike on Amazon now for $784.00.

The Interactive Fitness Espresso HD Upright is the mother of all exercise bicycles. The big kahuna. The Goliath. A better exercise bike cannot be found on the market today. This masterpiece connects to the internet and allows you to experience more than forty virtual-reality rides. You can experience biking up and down the Colorado Rockies, Mt.Everest, Whistler, British Columbia, and more. The list of features and terrain maps available on this bike goes on and on. The virtual-reality rides range from a mile long track sprint to 20 arduous miles of mountain climbing.

Weighing in at one hundred and fifty-five pounds and without the ability to fold away, this bike may have to adopt a designated location somewhere in your home. The manufacturers of this bicycle have intended to use virtual-reality to combine the fun of a high-end video game with the focus of a personalized fitness routine into one luxurious mother of a machine. Everyone who has input their review regarding the purchase and use of this bicycle has stated that while this piece of equipment may be expensive, they had no regrets in their buying decision. You can purchase this bicycle on Amazon right now for a whopping price of $6999.99. While this bike is very expensive, it just might be worth it to the right buyer who is willing to fully appreciate all of the features and associated fitness benefits.

In conclusion

If you are looking for an excellent cardio and calorie burning exercise machine to use indoors and at all times of the day, there may be nothing more convenient than a recumbent exercise bike. Perhaps the weather is atrocious or you simply can’t run anymore, maybe your an avid cyclist interested in a means to train during the off season, or possibly your just an average consumer looking to complete your home gym. Whatever your fitness motive is, whatever your fitness style is, or whatever fancy crossfit shoes you sport around the gym, it just might be the time to purchase a home exercise bike. So far, we’ve covered the top five exercise bikes out there: The Schwinn 270 Recumbent, The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor, the Diamondback Fitness Recumbent, and the Interactive Fitness Expresso HD Upright. Remember that cycling on an exercise bike has a variety of health benefits such as weight loss, improved core strength, and enhanced cardiovascular fitness. In all, an exercise bike is a safe, convenient way to protect your joints while at the same time getting an effective workout.

As your fitness improves, you can make small adjustments. Most importantly, you can save money. People have been known to go through several road bicycles due to flat tires or crashes. With a stationary exercise bicycle, you never have to worry about accidents or injury. Last but not least, an exercise bike is good for the entire family. Research shows that when the whole family has unique and similar goals, they are committed as a whole unit in their quest towards losing weight and achieving optimal health. Moreover, each family member is far more likely to succeed. What better way to ensure yours and your family's health than encouraging each other through a fun approach to working out, together on a daily basis. After all, a family that works out together, stays healthy together.

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