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How to Make Lemon Water & It’s Health Benefits


Before we get into how to make lemon water, as well as the benefits of drinking lemon water before bed, we need first to understand why lemons are an essential food for health. Rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid), lemons are considered one of the most beneficial fruits available. But, the same can be said about many fruits without going into too much detail. So, if you want to know precisely why lemons are such a powerful food for your health and why preparing lemon water is an efficient way to obtain the various health benefits of lemons, this post is designed just for you.

What is all the buzz about lemon water?

How to Make Lemon Water & It’s Benefits Before Bed

Lemon water is a common beverage made primarily with lemons and water, and it potentially offers more significant health benefits than any alternative drink available. Despite being extremely simple in its approach, there are many reasons to learn how to make lemon water and become a regular consumer. It's no secret; lemon water can provide numerous health advantages in regards to a variety of health concerns, all while being free of side effects. Surely, you cannot go wrong when choosing to include lemon water into your diet.

Necessary for virtually all life on earth, water bestows the body with nothing but positive effects. Of course, adding lemon into the mix only boosts the great, hydrating impact that plain water has on its own. Now, fruits have unique benefits when consumed at a particular time during the day, and the same can be true with beverages. In the case of lemon water, the best results come after drinking it early in the morning. On the other hand, consuming lemon water before bed can be another excellent choice to gain the many health benefits of this drink.

Why are lemons such a powerful food?

Lemons are commonly known for their high levels of vitamin C and rightfully so. Just one small glass of lemon water contains more than half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. You may be asking yourself, “Why is vitamin C so important?” Well, vitamin C is a critically important vitamin to human health because unlike many other species, the human body cannot make vitamin C on its own. As a result, we must obtain this nutrient in our diet. Not only is vitamin C "a vitamin" but it is also an antioxidant, a water-soluble antioxidant in fact. This means that vitamin C can enter the bloodstream relatively quickly, rendering free radicals harmless and engaging in a whole host of other physiological processes that govern the health of the body's systems, including the digestive, immune, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, integumentary, and nervous systems. Also, lemons contain polyphenols which are beneficial chemical compounds that scientists have linked to numerous, age-defying health benefits.

Preparing your lemon water

Since lemons are bitter tasting, your preference may vary. As a result, ingredients can be modified to fit your taste when preparing this delicious and refreshing health elixir.


1. One lemon

2. 16 ounces of water

Optional: Fresh mint

Things to keep in mind

Remember how we said that this is a straightforward drink? Well, it is, and although a drop of honey can undoubtedly enhance the flavor of this remedy, if your goal is weight-loss, it's recommended to avoid adding anything containing concentrated sugar. Although, some fresh mint can surely be added to spice things up and increase the nutrient content. However you decide to prepare your lemon water, just keep in mind that you'll always experience the best results you're seeking by sticking with simple elements.

We'd like to reiterate that unlike lemonade, which adds sugar and sometimes a pinch of salt or soda, lemon water is beneficial due to its simplicity.

The first ingredient, water, should ideally be filtered and from a clean source.

Lemons must be entirely fresh and, preferably, grown organically.

The containers that you use to prepare and serve your lemon water must be clean.

Now, off you go to make a fresh batch of this fantastic drink.

How to make lemon water

Now that you have the ingredients and understand the importance of simplicity in regards to lemons and their vital nutritional importance, you are only three steps away from learning how to make lemon water and experiencing its various health benefits:

Step 1: Boil 16 ounces of water until it reaches a lukewarm state, where it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Step 2: Extract the juice of one whole lemon and pour it into the same container with the lukewarm water.

Optional: Add one sprig of fresh mint.

Step 3: Mix thoroughly.

These three simple steps are all you need to make perfectly healthy lemon water; a simple drink that will help you in more ways than you can even imagine. From promoting natural weight loss to assisting the elimination of harmful toxins from the body, this simple lemon water recipe can be an essential aid for your health.

Why choose lemon water over lemonade

As we said above, the simplicity of lemon water might be the reason why it is so beneficial. When you compare it to lemonade, you will know this simple approach is superior in every way. Lemonade has sugar and salt is sometimes used. These two ingredients can be detrimental to the health of some people, mainly when consumed in excess. Instead, pure and simple lemon water in the morning or lemon water before bed can make anyone healthier without aggravating a diabetic or hypertensive condition.

How lemon water can help you

The most common problem for people, nowadays, is fast weight gain which is typically a result of excess caloric intake from refined sugars. As we have mentioned earlier, lemon water is a natural, effective, and practical solution for detoxification and weight loss as it hydrates and nourishes the body in a sugar-free way. In the case of lukewarm lemon water, the best results can be experienced when consumed either early in the morning or right before bed. So, now that you have the recipe, you have the power.

The cleansing effect of lemon water

With the increasing consumption of junk food, people are getting weaker and sicker day by day. There is no reason to join this horrible habit, but one thing that can help you get rid of its side effects is lemon water. Drinking lemon water before bed helps your body cleanse itself in the most efficient way imaginable since when asleep, the body is already in a healing state. Hydrating with the addition of detoxifying lemon water before bedtime can certainly enhance the sleep cycles natural rejuvenating effects.

Also, since water travels throughout every part of your body, proper hydration keeps your cells, organs, and organ systems clean from toxins and, along with a hefty dose of vitamin C and polyphenols from lemon juice, your body is ultimately better equipped to tackle the many challenges its faced with on a daily basis.


In this article, we have seen how a simple recipe such as lemon water has more blessings than you might have thought. But there are even more benefits to discuss:

Lemon contains vitamin C, which tends to meet your daily requirements and keeps your body's systems healthy.

Your hair and skin will look great. Lemon water is often used as a home remedy for flawless skin because of its effectiveness as a good cleanser, a result of its antioxidant content.

Your digestion will be better. If you start your day with lemon water, it will prevent an upset stomach and constipation as well.

Additionally, consuming lemon water in the morning helps to provide extra cleansing properties to your system before you consume any other food.

Finally, drinking lemon water before bed can be an efficient way to boost up your basal metabolic rate while balancing your body before a nights rest.

Now that you know the numerous health benefits of lemon water and how to prepare it, you should try it for yourself and advise your friends, relatives, and neighbors to do the same. Keep it simple and keep it healthy.

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George - April 17, 2017

I can’t help but read this over and over again! A very educative post. Could you please let me know the right quantity of lemon water I can consume at a time? Thanks

Katie Biggs - April 24, 2018

8 oz


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