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Get Inspired With Monday Fitness Motivation Memes

Staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

Monday is the most hated day of the week for each one of us. It comes right after a long weekend. Despite the gloominess that is associated with it, Monday is the start of the week and what better way to start your day than by working out. However, after a late night party most people usually want to sleep in, often waking up late just to seek some extra lazy minutes under the sheets.

But some individuals have no choice but to work out. These include professionals who have to remain fit on the jobs or those who are fitness freaks. However, even the most dedicated times need some motivation and what better way to get that than by seeking constructive inspiration with a fitness meme.

What's a fitness meme?

Are you not used to the new colloquial terms and trends? Well, for those who are wondering what a meme is and how it can help you work out, let’s begin by putting your doubts to rest. Memes are cartoon or caricatures which depict a scene of humor that most people can relate to with the help of simple pictures, symbols or words. Some might consider it to be mocking or disrespectful to individual sentiments at times. However, the main aim of a meme is not to hurt but to infuse humor and laughter, and through this humor it makes people think.

When it comes to memes related to fitness the primary purpose behind them is to appeal to those lazy people who are struggling to get out of bed or those losing hope after just a day of working out. They make the person relate to a situation and make them laugh at themselves. This creates a sense of awareness without hurting any person and thus facilitating positive change. There are many varieties of memes related to fitness, working out; some are funny while others are more thought-provoking or motivational. Hence you can find a variety of these messages and laugh your way to fitness.


A workout meme or other such fitness related memes are all available on the internet on various social media platforms. You can get them also through a primary and general search online. They are propagated among a group which has ever-widening circles, and in a few hours, people all over the world can view the meme. Hence propagation for messages like memes is quick and easy. Thus using it as a means to motivate and get the message of fitness across is a crucial tool in your hands.

How do they help?

Some of you might be wondering the exact ways in which memes assist those in need of help regarding fitness. Well, there are several dimensions in which memes are a great help. The most critical areas where memes come in handy are stated below as follows:

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to brighten up your day and memes provide just that. When you read or see something funny, it can help you overcome even the worst of days.

A meme helps you connect with the rest of the world. When you read something and realize you are not the only one feeling or reacting in a certain way, you understand others have the same goals and problems, and yet overcome them.

Funny fitness memes can be a source of motivation and perseverance because they urge you think and be better. Sometimes it may cause you to have a good laugh, however, in the end, you usually realize that you should do something about it.

It does not have a preachy tone, neither is it assertive. Hence memes help a person to learn and change without being put down or ridiculed. At times they even might motivate you to be more rigorous or focused.
Therefore memes related to fitness have managed to reach out to billions of people and is an excellent platform for instilling seeds of motivation in any individual.

Monday fitness

As mentioned before, most individuals are in need of motivation on Monday. There are those who hate Mondays and want to skip the day altogether. But those who are in need of proper fitness schedules or who follow rigorous fitness regimes need to work out regularly. On a lazy Monday, when they need a bit of motivation, something that will likely help is as simple as a meme. Reading it in the morning before starting their workout will not only put a smile on their faces but make them more focused.

Memes teach lessons or give advice through laughter, and even though at first it may not consciously seem to sink in, you will likely unconsciously register the idea. Those who are desperately in need of Monday fitness motivation only need to open up their mobile device, go to social media or an interactive image-website and search for their desired meme. There will be hundreds of options available, and the best part is that you will surely relate to most and get ready for another week of working out.

Achieving the balance

Most of you may be wondering why you are not feeling motivated, and not even fitness memes can do the trick. This does not mean that you are not enjoying your exercise routine. So many people create memes, and some are just not funny or lack the right balance to be funny and provide motivation at the same time. Many others will be smart enough or put some thought into your mind because they address topics that motivate everyone. Then, prepare yourself to have a healthy Monday fitness workout without fearing any laziness or lethargy. Adults and youngsters both could use some laughter and healthy habits, so use your social media platforms wisely for fitness and fun.

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Isabella - April 17, 2017

Really? So I found a way to brighten my Monday mornings! It has been a usual thing to wake up on Monday mornings feeling like to turn back the hands of time to the weekend. I am glad, this article just detailed how I can stay motivated and even fit every Monday and beyond. Thanks


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