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The Best Vitamin D Supplements Reviewed for 2017


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that naturally exists in few foods and is obtainable either as a dietary supplement or in fortified food products. Vitamin D is so vital that it is involved in regulating the action of more than 200 genes, several fold more than any other vitamin. Therefore, vitamin D plays a role in every single system in the human body, affecting brain health, cholesterol levels, bones, skin, blood sugar, hormone balance and the list goes on. Most importantly, vitamin D is also made endogenously when infrared rays from sunlight strike the skin and activate vitamin D synthesis.

Vitamin D

As more members of society adopt a lifestyle of reduced sunlight exposure, the demand for vitamin D supplementation increases, becoming somewhat of a necessity. Since many foods comprise a minimal level of vitamin D, proper supplementation proves to be the practical method of adequately acquiring this resource and safeguarding your body's physiological demands. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to various health problems, the most well-known of these is rickets, which is identified by a dramatic loss in overall bone density and subsequent strength.

Best Time of Day to Take Vitamin D

Considering vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, it is recommended to be taken with foods high in fatty acids for efficient transport within the body. Vitamin D must be taken daily with a meal consisting of a healthy fat source such as fish oil. Anecdotal information suggests that vitamin D can disrupt sleep if taken late in the evening so as a precaution, it is better taken earlier in the daytime.

Benefits Of Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D is used for the prevention and cure of rickets, an illness that is caused by Vitamin D deficiency. Like calcium, vitamin D is similarly used for treating bone loss in people with hyperparathyroidism, bone pain (osteomalacia), and an inherited disease (osteogenesis imperfect) where bones are particularly weak and easily broken.

Concerning the heart and blood vessels, vitamin D is used in the treatment of health conditions involving high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Vitamin D is also used to offset the negative effects of obesity, diabetes, muscle weakness, asthma, multiple sclerosis, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth and gum disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and more.

Some individuals have used vitamin D for skin disorders including psoriasis, scleroderma, actinic keratosis, vitiligo and lupus vulgaris.

Supplementation with vitamin D is also used for improving the immune system by activating the immune system’s T-cells which recognize and attack harmful pathogens circulating circulating within the body. Therefore, it can be said that a vitamin D deficiency can greatly compromise the body's ability to fight off infection.

Interestingly, adequate vitamin D levels have been reported to help a person actually lose weight. A University of Minnesota clinical study indicated that people who's diet contained higher levels of vitamin D were capable of losing weight much more effectively than people who were vitamin D-deficient, despite the fact that individuals from both study groups had been placed on a consistent, reduced-calorie weight loss diet.

Types of Vitamin D

Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, is the ideal form of vitamin D. Mostly produced from lanolin, this nutrient is proven to be important for supporting strong bones, boosting immune system health and helping to control calcium and phosphorus absorption. Greater levels of vitamin D3 in blood plasma are linked to strong bones and overall good health. A supplement comprised of the most bio-available form of Vitamin D, cholecalciferol (which is the same form of vitamin D3 acquired from exposure to sunlight), is a must-have supplement in ones quest to achieve complete health. Other supplements are made from Vitashine which is the world's first plant derivative. Made from lichen extract, Vitashine is the vitamin D3 option most appropriate for vegans and vegetarians.

Best Vitamin D Supplements

Prepared with natural-source vitamin D3 from lanolin and cholecalciferol, Carson Labs D3 consists of tiny, easy to swallow soft gels. These high-quality Vitamin D supplements assist the proper functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems while helping boost mood, increase calcium absorption, and improve general bone health.

Nutrigold prepares their D capsules with natural source vitamin D3 made from lanolin and suspended in organic olive oil. Vitamin D3 GOLD can help reduce risk of shortage in individuals who mainly work indoor with restricted sun exposure, breastfed babies, because human milk is a lowly source of the nutrient, People with black skin, since their skin has a lesser ability to produce vitamin D from the obese individual, as their body fat binds to some vitamin D and prevents it from getting into the blood, older adults, since their skin does not make vitamin D when out to sunlight as efficiently required and finally ,persons with compromised capacity to absorb fat, since Vitamin D needs fat to be absorbed.

DailyD is comprised of the greatest bioavailable form of Vitamin D, "Cholecalciferol" which is similar to the form of Vitamin D produced from exposure to sunlight. DailyD is on of few single vegan certified D3 supplements in existence. With 365 capsules per package, one bottle of DailyD is intended to last for an entire year. It contains Vitamin D3 Vitashine derived from lichen extract. Vitashine is the one plant-based D3 source appropriate for vegans and vegetarians. Assists in the metabolism of calcium and helps support the immune system.

Nutrigold 2000iu strength is also prepared with organic olive oil for improved absorption. Quality standards ensure manufacturing without the use of magnesium stearate, dioxides, stearic acid, artificial ingredients and sulfates. Consisting of soft gel capsules taken once per day. Benefits include supporting calcium absorption, bone mineral density as well as dental, immune, breast and prostate health.

These Nature Made softgels consist of 5000iu of vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol, the body's ideal form of vitamin D. Nature Made Vitamins are an efficient way for the entire family to satisfy their everyday intake of Vitamin D. Benefits include aid in building and upholding strong bones, including teeth, by improving calcium absorption, regulating phosphorus utilization in the body, and balancing bone transformation processes.

Depending on your position and other associated factors, 1000 – 5000 IU per day of vitamin D is usually the suggested dose range by health care professionals and backed by the most research. Vitamin D is vital for a healthy body, but receiving enough Vitamin D can be difficult as there are few foods in the modern diet that contain adequate amounts of the nutrient. Thus, supplementation can be an easy and effective way to continuously ensure you are receiving the vital nutrition you need to upkeep your health. If your lifestyle is associated with rare exposure to sunlight, you may require a Vitamin D supplement to meet your biological necessities.

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