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The Best Probiotic Yogurt for Your Digestive System

Let's talk probiotics!

It was not long ago when the word "probiotic" stopped sounding like some odd term for 3rd-year med students. In fact, the consumption of any form of probiotic-enhanced food or supplements is turning into a trend these past few years.

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria living in our digestive system, which helps us maintain a healthy colon, and thus, boost our immune system. For instance, when we use antibiotics to fight an infection, our body loses much of its suitable bacteria. This is a perfect time to enhance our body with probiotics, to keep the healthy balance of good bacteria in our system. You can use some of the best probiotic supplements in pill or powder form but there lies a much more natural solution.

One of the best sources of probiotics is probiotic yogurt. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, the most common probiotics, are easily found in dairy products, and best of all, yogurt. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or IBD, a virus causing frequent diarrhea, or an unpleasant side effect from the use of antibiotics, an enhanced probiotic yogurt will work magic on your poor, intolerant, suffering belly.

Many women will agree that consumption of a good probiotic yogurt has helped them fight urinary or vaginal infections, or gain a glow on their skin while fighting against eczema or allergies.

So, there you have it - a well performing digestive system depends a lot on a balancing act between the good and bad bacteria in our bodies. And the easiest and undeniably best way to ensure this healthy balance is the frequent consumption of a good probiotic yogurt.

What Qualifies The Best Probiotic Yogurt?


The number one factor that makes the best probiotic yogurt the best is (obviously) its base ingredient, i.e., the milk used for its production. It should be hormone and antibiotic free milk, milked using non-invasive methods from cows bred and fed in nature. No matter if it is full or low fat, the yogurt should not feel "watery" or "flat." On the contrary, it should leave a very satisfying feel regarding thickness and richness. When fruits are used, they must be fresh, and the final product should ideally be sweetened by the fruit juice or other natural sweeteners.

Thus, a product which ticks each of these little boxes would score on the top of the list of the best probiotic yogurt around! As opposed to the best OTC probiotic formulas, yogurt provides extra nutrition and minerals to your body.

And now comes the question - which is the best probiotic yogurt on the market and what's that “wow factor” that hold it to the top?

Research shows there are delicious probiotic yogurts around and it's easy to find them in your local market. Below, we've made a list of the top five:

#1. Chobani Greek Style Yogurt

It seems that the most popular- and best- probiotic yogurt brand around must be the Chobani Greek-style yogurt. It scores a fantastic five stars on each review from avid consumers (!), which rockets this fruit juice sweetened, low-fat yogurt to the top. It is made from real milk, milked using natural methods, from well-farmed cows.

This means the milk used to produce the yogurt, lacks all the antibiotics and other hormone-altering chemicals you may find in mass-produced milk. Their recipe offers excellent texture and thickness, combining its sublime taste with all the essential active probiotic cultures.

For second best, (but not too far away from the first), we must reserve a place for the Siggi's Skyr Icelandic-style yogurt. Charming reviews are here as well with delighted consumers who give 5-star reviews in most of their comments.

Siggis Skr Icelandic-style yogurt is made from real milk which lacks the growth hormones used by other brands. It has an excellent taste, and it’s also a rich and creamy product which is naturally sweetened either by fruit juice or other natural sweeteners.

Third place should go to no other brand than Dannon's Activia probiotic yogurt. With a high 4 star rating, Activia leaves all of its consumers satisfied by the result.

This product mostly focuses on relieving its consumers from constipation and irritated bowel effects. Most of them are genuinely happy with the result! Activia probiotic yogurts and supplements do what they promise and work like a charm!

This spot must be reserved for the Easiyo Real Greek Yogurt line. They have an amazingly long list of enhanced probiotic products, with excellent fruit taste and alluring combinations, which make these yogurts level up to real desserts! With a secret family recipe and a great blend of probiotic live cultures, the EasiYo yogurts surely deserve a place in the best five probiotic yogurts around!

Last, but not least, in the top five, we would have to go with the Yoplait Original probiotic yogurts. A brand with decades of experience and presence in the dairy industry, Yoplait probiotic yogurts are established in many consumers' minds as a great label, with many different flavors, mixes, and combinations.

They do not seem to score as high as the rest when it comes to thickness and original "yogurty" taste. Some products from Yoplait seem to be quite more watery, and a bit of the "real fruit" taste in the fruit flavored series. So, despite the fact that the company pays considerable attention to the probiotic factors they use to enhance their products, we could not rank them any higher, due to the lack of flavor mentioned by some reviewers.

These five are the best probiotic yogurts in today's market based on facts, reviews, and real factors. All labels do a great job maintaining high standards in today's market, yet the only one makes the difference.

The Title of Best Probiotic Yogurt Goes To!

Considering all the facts and reviews mentioned above, if you'd like to go for the best of the best, you should search for the Chobani series.

This New York-based, Turkish company, really works hard to deliver a great product that meets up to the high standards. They pay considerable attention to even the tiniest detail, from base to the final product, using only the finest ingredients and a great recipe. Their yogurts are velvety, creamy, and thick and they taste great. They use hormone-free milk from local farms, thoroughly and frequently checked, fresh fruit, and fruit juices to sweeten their products. And of course, they enhance their products with all the probiotics we need, in the right amount, to keep our bellies functioning as they should!

Eat up, because a light bowel system on the inside turns into many happy smiles on the outside!

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