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The Best Natural Energy Drinks to Keep You Going in 2017

Natural Energy Drinks

We are living in a new generation, where energy, battery, and fuel are the leading motors of our society. Energy is everywhere, and the truth is we can't live without it. Sometimes, there is so much to do in our hectic schedule that not even a cup of coffee can refill the gas. This is when you find yourself going down to your company’s vending machine to purchase an energy drink. It is useful in the middle of the night to avoid feeling drowsy, or just before working out for an extra push.

An energy drink is a beverage specially formulated to boost your mind and alertness, but also capable of enhancing your physical performance. They contain caffeine as well as other substances that will stimulate both mind and body, recharging our batteries in a few minutes. However, not all energy drinks on the market are precisely healthwise, and they are not for everyone to drink. Moderate drinking is safe for healthy individuals, but using energy drinks in excess or combined with other caffeinated beverages can be very dangerous. People with high blood pressure and heart problems should avoid them at all costs. But if we use energy drinks wisely they can be a great ally for a delayed task or a very hectic day.

The following information will show you the top five natural energy drinks in the market today. These natural energy drinks, unlike other brands, contain vitamins and other healthy ingredients, and won’t make anyone feel sick or have a severe headache afterward. You can also purchase any of these products on Amazon right now, with a single click.

Top 5 Natural Energy Drinks

Dark Dog Organic is a particularly new brand on the market. This organic energy drink is also the first energy drink to contain coconut water as a sweetener. This product is USDA Certified as well as Non-GMO verified. It is guaranteed to provide an energy boost without all the adverse side effects. A benefit of this natural energy drink product is that it is free of taurine.

This product also comes in a variety of different flavors, such as blood orange, original, coconut water, and "fifty calories" which is a mixture of elderberry juice and green tea. Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks are gluten-free, sodium-free, and have no added chemicals, with the right amount of natural caffeine.

Brain Juice is a natural energy drink that is also referred to as a liquid brain supplement. It is manufactured in the United States, meeting all of the national standards for safety and production. Many people choose this energy drink because it is packed with additional vitamins: Vitamin C, B5, B6, and many Amino Acids that will create the building blocks for your brain and support its neuronal activity.

Additionally, Brain Juice has various natural ingredients such as Acai Berries, Chia Seeds, and Green Tea. They provide you with antioxidants and Omega-3s. It tastes like peach-mango tea and can be mixed with any other hot or cold beverage. You will notice the effects in just a few minutes, and you will feel ready to go!

The Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink is famous for being 100% organic. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or synthetic caffeine, like most energy drinks on the market. This energy drink joins the excellent properties of organic green coffee and green tea. Similar to the Dark Dog energy drink, this product contains organic elderberry juice but also has raw cane sugar and organic lemon juice.

For an extra mind boost, it has organic ginseng. Several product testers have noted that consuming one can per day is more than enough to replenish our bodies and minds with more energy. There is no need to turn to other synthetic choices that require two or three cans to make a difference.

This brand of natural energy drinks is known for having ingredients that you would find only in the Amazon Store. It contains a natural form of caffeine taken from yerba mate, exotic ingredients such as guarana, and antioxidants from acai berry, which is a known superfood with impressive health benefits.

Sambazon Amazon Energy Drink has a healthy combo of omegas, antioxidants, and super low sugars. It’s the perfect beverage from consumers who suffer from low blood sugar. It has a light flavor but gives a significant energy boost. You can purchase this product in twelve-ounce cans, and they will come in a pack of twenty-four. The only one can a day is enough so that you will have more than enough for one or two months.

The Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot is significantly different from other natural energy drinks and radically different from synthetic beverages. It comes with a unique presentation, in a tiny bottle instead of the classic energy drink can. A glass amber packaging protects it from light and will make it stand out from the rest.

Containing only 35 calories per bottle, this small-packaged energy drink product can do even more than the average large-packaged energy drink can. It has no GMO’s, preservatives nor artificial flavors. This is why it is considered the healthy version of five-hour energy, with a refreshing lemon flavor. An incredible fact about this product is that with each purchase you will be helping to protect the rainforests.

In conclusion

If you are going to opt for an energy drink, it’s critical to select the right kind. There are many unhealthy choices out there, most of them with synthetic ingredients and without any nutritional content. Some of these are known to cause heart attacks when consumed in excess or by people with heart problems. Additionally, some of those unhealthy choices would cause addiction and dependence. Natural energy drinks, on the other hand, have all those must-have qualities we all need with no reported health risks whatsoever.

Organic energy drinks are a natural choice with significant health benefits, but you should not drink more than one can a day. Since they have no significant calories, it remains a safe option for those who don't want to gain weight. But do not think that an energy drink alone will provide you with an adequate amount of vital nutrients, and never replace food for an energy drink, not even if the drink is organic. It is a beverage, and essentially, you can call it quick fuel, consumable liquid batteries, or energy, but, whatever you call it, it is meant to be a boost and an accessory to your regular, hopefully healthy diet. Ultimately, if you are in need of an energy boost and are considering enjoying the convenience of an energy drink, make the smart choice and choose an all natural or organic product.

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