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The Best Magnesium Supplement and Health Benefits


Our bodies need many different substances to function properly. Some of them are very complex, and others are rather simple, like minerals. Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium are vital minerals for normal body chemistry. Magnesium supports more than 250 biochemical processes in your body as a cofactor. A cofactor is a crucial substance that is needed to make up the structure of enzymes, and it is imperative for chemical reactions to take place. By promoting the absorption of calcium, magnesium helps maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and the mind's ability for reasoning but also contributes to the normal function of muscle tissue. Furthermore, magnesium helps to strengthen the immune system as well as maintain heart health and strong bones.

Magnesium Supplement

As a cofactor, magnesium makes possible many chemical reactions in the body, and many organs are involved. In the muscle tissue, for instance, magnesium is involved in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, as well as the equilibrium between other minerals such as potassium and calcium, which is necessary for the normal function of the brain.

To be digested appropriately, food needs to go through many different stages in the gastrointestinal tract, and many various enzymes will progressively break them down into smaller molecules. All of the enzymes critical for digestion need magnesium to activate so that their role in metabolizing large pieces of food into smaller substances can be achieved and nutrients can ultimately be absorbed and transported throughout the body. Copper, Zinc, Vitamin D, Calcium, and many other vitamins and minerals depend on magnesium as an enzymatic cofactor to be broken down and absorbed by the body.

More than half the body's magnesium levels are located in the bones, making a stronger matrix along with calcium. Magnesium also helps to regulate the level of sugars in the blood, and thus it protects you from conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

The synthesis of serotonin depends on magnesium, and this is the reason why consuming the right amounts of this mineral enhances our mood. Magnesium is the most potent relaxation mineral because it blocks excitatory signals, keeping the mind quieter. Excess calcium and glutamate in the brain are associated with stress and pain because they activate a neuronal receptor called NMDA. However, magnesium is capable of occupying the space just like a broken key inside the keyhole, rendering calcium and glutamate unable to perpetuate the stressful stimulation. This calms down the brain and promotes a better sleep as well.

There is enough magnesium in foods such as lentils, spinach, brown rice, fish, and many other natural sources. However, many populations find it very hard to obtain the minimum requirements of magnesium. In these cases, and many other reported diseases, magnesium supplements can prove useful to control many things at the same time. Not every single brand is appropriate, and this is why we are providing you a list of the best options out there on the market.

Top 5 Magnesium Supplement

Doctor's Best Magnesium is a supplement with a high degree of purity, and without the cheaper magnesium oxide, which has a lower quality. Given the purity and high quality, this product is easily absorbed by the body. However, when you buy Doctor's Best Magnesium, you will also get the amino acids lysine and glycine. Lysine helps to reduce anxiety and to protect cells from succumbing to certain diseases, such as herpes virus. Glycine further improves mental capabilities, which goes along with the original properties of magnesium.

Doctor's Best Magnesium is formulated this way because these two amino acids increase the absorption of magnesium into the bloodstream. Since it is free from animal product, this brand is an excellent choice for vegans, without any genetically modified product.

Natural Vitality Magnesium is an alternative way for those who find pills boring. You can drink this relaxing supplement with lemon and raspberry flavors instead of swallowing a pill. Natural Vitality Magnesium helps to attain a healthy level of magnesium in the body, boosting the immune system and strengthening the bones.

Lower levels of magnesium can be caused by depression, vigorous physical exercises, an excess amount of calcium, and so on. Natural Vitality Magnesium is one of the best ways to undo the problem, especially if the deficiency is as a result of stress. The other good news is that it is organic, gluten-free and has no genetically modified components.

This supplement joins magnesium and natural malic acid in the same formula. The malic acid is extracted from fruits, apples for instance, and it is an excellent way to reduce pain, boost your physical energy and keep your skin healthy. On the other hand, the magnesium component has fat-burning properties, giving it potential as a weight reducing agent.

Source Naturals Magnesium Malate is very suitable for vegans as it does not contain animal products and gluten. Furthermore, this magnesium supplement does not contain sugars, preservatives, and artificial colors.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium is a hypo-allergenic magnesium supplement in the form of magnesium aspartate, magnesium malate, and magnesium glycinate. This dietary supplement enhances many metabolic reactions that are very important to absorb and use the rest of the nutrients.

When you buy it, you will have small capsules, very easy to swallow 1 to 4 times a day. This product is suitable for all people, including vegetarians, because it does animal proteins, gluten, or GMO products.

Superior Labs Magnesium is the purest magnesium supplement in the market. In this regard, this product does not contain magnesium stearate, magnesium oxide, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Furthermore, Superior Labs Magnesium does not contain any ingredients that may be harmful to your health.

This magnesium supplement is also very safe as it is made in the USA in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and policies of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another good thing about Superior Labs Magnesium is that it offers a very convenient 2-months money-back guarantee.

Final Word

Magnesium is one of the nutrients we need the most because it involves numerous functions in our body. This mineral participates in an important part of multiple biochemical processes supporting various body systems; it is good for the heart and cardiovascular systems, as well as the brain, bones, and muscles.

As a personal advice, we concluded that the best magnesium supplement out there is Doctor’s Best Magnesium, because it is natural and contains additional amino acids, namely glycine and lysine. However, if you are looking for a supplement of different minerals, you should go for a calcium-magnesium-potassium supplement, like Country Life Target; or a magnesium-potassium supplement, like the one from Now Foods. Always remember that, before taking magnesium supplements, it is necessary to consult a doctor about your ideal daily intake.

Do you know more magnesium supplements? Please feel free to share with us any other magnesium supplements that you may be aware of.

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