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Using a Himalayan Salt Inhaler and The Benefits of Salt Therapy

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Himalayan Salt is a very particular rock salt, known for its distinctive color and the permanence of different types of minerals in its molecular composition. It has grown over millions of years in high-pressure environments, free of toxins and contaminants. Himalayan Salt Inhalers are a part of the modern use of this highly valued rock salt and have been used to improve respiratory symptoms such as allergic reactions, respiratory infection, asthma, smoker's cough, dry cough and other respiratory problems. They are a part of an ancient form of alternative medicine which makes use of salts for inhaling therapies to cleanse the respiratory system, known as "Halotherapy." This practice has a long and proven history, documented in ancient Europe and dating back to the 1800's, and now it is available for you in a modernized version.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhalers

1. Helps Reducing Cases of Asthma Flare Ups.

Salt inhaler therapies have been found to reduce the bronchial hyper-responsiveness in asthmatic adults. The reason behind this change may be through a modulation of the histamine response in the lungs and sinus cavity. The salts coating and protecting mucous membranes would be responsible for fighting inflammation and reducing irritation caused by allergens, smoke, and pollution. It has been used for professionals as a complementary therapy alongside with conventional asthma medication.

2. Helps To Clear the Lungs

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Asthma patients can sometimes wake up wheezy after asthma flare-ups. Even they can benefit from salt inhalers, as it helps to clear the respiratory tract. It breaks ionic bonds within the mucus to reduce its viscosity. It can help drawing water particles into your airways, thus increasing the rate of clearance and increasing lung capacity. With time, the improvements in the function of your airways will lead to reducing chronic inflammation, conferring salt a fascinating anti-inflammatory potential that would be ideal to reduce asthma symptoms.

3. Promotes Mental Calmness

Since you will not have a hard time breathing and your airways will be clear, these salts have an ability make you breathe deeply and calmly. In this sense, salt inhalers can help us with additional psychological benefits related to correct breathing technique. If you ever felt stressed and tried breathing in and out to calm yourself down, you will understand how crucial clear breathing and breathing exercises can be in helping to quiet your mind.

4. Better Sleep

Unstoppable sneezing causes a lot of discomfort during bedtime, not being able to breathe correctly can also contribute to insomnia. Using a salt inhaler can work in these cases because it modulates histamines, one of the primary molecules that explain your sneezing episodes. It also clears your airways and helps you sleep undisturbed. For these reasons, Himalayan salts will help improve the condition of both body and mind, with many others health benefits, associated with various trace minerals such as potassium or magnesium.

5. Facilitates the Removal of Toxins

There are so many chemical pollutants that could risk your respiratory health and make an entry from your lung to the rest of your body. We inhale variable amounts of smoke, dust, smog and other vicious gasses that are considered air impurities. Air pollution is a worldwide problem that affects over 90% of cities in low and middle-income countries and over 50% in high-income countries, according to the World Health Organization. It is associated with increased risks of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Salt inhaling therapies can be useful to solve this problem because they have a potential cleansing effect on your bloodstream and airways.

Salt calls for water, and water has an excellent potential for clearing away the toxins from your body. Therefore, the salt dissolved in water acts as a vehicle to get rid of all these toxins from your airways and your bloodstream as well. Additional to this effect, many smokers have managed more efficiently their withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting by using salt inhaling therapies.

6. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Himalayan salt has many trace minerals inside it, and one of them is potassium (K), a vital mineral for the human body. Potassium is critical for our cellular chemical balance, and it can be used to lower your blood pressure because it fights vasoconstriction. When your blood vessels are dilated or expand as a result of adequate potassium, your blood has more room to move and doesn't need to raise your blood pressure levels. Himalayan salt is absorbed into your bloodstream much more efficiently than regular table salt, and it can be used in smaller doses to control blood pressure much more efficiently.

Components of a Good Salt Inhaler

1. Essential Oils

You can use a variety of oils for an inhaler, and they include Frankincense, Black Spruce, Immune Illume, Peppermint, and Rosemary. They will provide an extra ability to boost your immune and respiratory system. Lemon and lavender are also good options to add to an inhaler.

2. Sleep Serum

Just as the name implies, sleep serum can help you, especially in those cases you use the inhaler before bed. It will focus and lift your good spirits.

3. Himalayan Pink Salt

Among different salt inhaling therapies, one of the most recommended is Himalayan Salts. They have many extra benefits for your health, regulating blood sugar, kidney function, and even a healthier libido.

Top 5 Himalayan Salt Inhalers:


This is a gentle saline therapy to boost your respiratory health. Pure Himalayan salt crystals are placed inside the inhaler chamber. As you breathe through the inhaler, the moisture in the air absorbs micro-sized salt particles into your respiratory system.

Natural breathing using this inhaling therapy can provide relief to symptoms of asthma, hay fever, chest congestion, colds, and allergies.


Based on Speleotherapy /Halotherapy. These Inhalers have been featured on Dr. Oz. The first Salt Inhaler was an invention of 2 Hungarian inventors.

The substances locked in the salt crystals for millions of years do their job and go down to the salt crystals. The small-sized instrument is gathered and collected from the most hidden corners of the breathing system on a micro level and once there, aide the body in cleaning the respiratory system. The salt is an anti-bacterial that kills the germs that cause infections.


This model is more suitable for women and children, as well as people who prefer smaller accessories that could be easier to carry and handle.

This Inhaler acts as a purifier, and it cleans the respiratory system by getting rid of pollutants and impurities from your body.


A ceramic Inhaler that comes in a box with two refill packs of Himalayan Pink Salt. It clears your airways and helps you breathe, preventing cases of sneezing, coughing and running out of breath. It's a simple way combat allergies and sinus problems naturally, and suitable for both smokers and non-smokers.


This inhaler comes in a comfortable size, suitable for travels and easy to refill. Don't look down at this choice, as it will provide all the benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhalers.


Salt inhalation therapy cleanses the respiratory system and speeds up the elimination of toxins. Salt has several properties which make it a useful tool for respiratory cleansing. It has anti anti-inflammatory potential and can be used alongside with the treatment of asthma and infectious diseases. Since it draws water, with cleansing properties, it loosens mucus in the respiratory tract, speeds up and enhances mucus clearance. This property in the respiratory system is responsible for removing pathogens and reduces bronchial hyper-responsiveness in asthmatic adults.

The change is not sudden, and sometimes symptoms subside for up to 12 months following salt therapy. There are no serious adverse effects noticed from the use of salt inhalers. Minor side effects have occasionally been observed, such as sore throat sensation, but they are usually after prolonged exposure to salt (over 15 minutes continuously). If this happens to you, it will improve promptly with temporary discontinuation, and no additional action is necessary. Dry salt inhaler therapy may prove to be a useful therapy for individuals with COPD and many other chronic respiratory conditions. However, further studies are probably needed to exclude a placebo effect which can be responsible for a few additional benefits.

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