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Best Functional Exercises & Home-Gym Equipment for Fitness in 2017

best exercise equipment for functional training

With the modern-day developing world and increasing innovation, it is now highly possible to achieve your dream body from the comfort of your home using elite, functional exercise methods and fitness equipment. All it takes is the right attitude and consistency to accelerate the progress of your fitness to another level! We understand your eagerness to achieve elite perfection in your fitness regime which is why we put together this guide that will help you get as fit as possible no matter where your starting point may be.

Those always visiting the local gym will be stunned by your increased athletic performance and youthful glow as you smile with confidence knowing you have all the bases covered in your fitness program. What’s more, these exercises are relatively simple and can be safely practiced to perfection over time all while reaping tremendous physical and mental results. Now, you can follow these guidelines we have laid out all from the comfort of your home to plan your own elite training regime. Here are some functional fitness exercises you can do at home and with the right equipment, to achieve a pure, balanced elite level of fitness.

BOSU Ball Exercises

Bosu balls enable you to burn calories while at the same time building muscle. The best part is you can do any of these exercises in your bedroom or other open space within the house. They include push ups, sit ups, squats, ball curls, lunges, boat poses, mountain climbers, side lunges and chest presses. Did you know you can perform a full-body workout with only the aid of a Bosu ball? That just goes to show how efficient this tool is.

bosu ball exercise

Plyo Box Exercises

If you’re looking for a way to burn fat and improve your overall fitness quickly, then these workouts are just for you. They also improve your cardiovascular health. Plyometric exercises using boxes include step ups, elevated push-ups, lateral step overs, knee touches, box jumps and full as well as spilt squats.

box jump exercise

Balance Board Exercises

These activities mainly serve to improve coordination. Further, they can strengthen the core and improve your reaction time. Always ensure your feet are drawn back and that both the feet and knees are hip distance apart when doing these workouts. Exercises include the primary balance stance, single leg stance, calf raises, half-moons as well as single and double leg tilts.

balance board exercise

Gymnastic Ring Exercises

The challenge in balancing your body while performing workouts on gymnastic rings causes you to make more effort to maintain proper form during your movements. As such, you can burn more fat and condition your body towards better muscle growth. Further, your body’s tone is set to improve drastically. Exercises here include classics such as the pull-up and dip, while more advanced techniques include swinging motions.

gym ring exercise

TRX Exercises

Using these straps in your workouts challenges the core and increases the overall resistance your body encounters in exercise. As such, these activities use gravity and your body weight to improve your overall performance and muscle tone. They include TRX pushups, chest presses, rows, triceps presses, TRX flys and the TRX alligator.

trx training workout

GHD Exercises

Short for Glute Ham Development, this machine is popular amongst CrossFit participants. It improves vertical jump and increases your range of motion for basic exercises such as deadlifts and squats. Activities include the glute ham raise, hip and back extensions and GHD sit ups.

ghd machine exercise

For each category of exercises above, here are our home-gym equipment choices and reviews to aid you in getting the best results out of your personalized workout plan:

1. The Bosu Ball Pro Balance Trainer

Pros: The ball’s design, contrary to the imagination, is composed of a flat and raised side. This unique approach, as compared to medicine balls, enables you to use both sides of the ball for different exercises. It also broadens the scope of the workout you can do with it. Also, the Bosu Ball Pro Balance Trainer comes with a free DVD including step by step workouts for guidance. Further, it comes with a training manual that enables you to plan your workouts effectively. In case you are not sure where to inflate your ball from, the package also includes an easily portable hand pump.

Cons: The product has no warranty mentioned, and you have to pay an extra fee for protection in case of damage.

Price Range: $145 - $160

2. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Pros: The board can be used over a wide range of individuals; including those beginning activities such as skateboarding. Further, the product is very helpful if you want to practice your stretches in yoga. As a result of its design, this balance board has no grooves or tracks. As such, you can achieve movement on it without limitations. Interestingly, this product is made of bombproof material and has a comfortable feel when in use regardless of whether you have shoes on or not.

Cons: The product has no manuals or videos to guide users on its use. However, these can be found online.

Price Range: $130 - $140

3. 3-in-1 Plyo Box for Jump Training and Conditioning

Pros: Boxes are available in a variety of heights. That means that as you improve your vertical jump, you can continue to use them for progress. The box can also be easily disassembled and put back together, with assembly speeds ranging from ten to fifteen minutes. As such, you can always stash it away when it is not in use and reassemble it before your next workout. Further, the box’s edges have been smoothened to prevent injury from a slip or fall that could otherwise hamper your exercise program.

Cons: Again, there is no mention of any routine guidance coming with the package

Price Range: $50 - $120, depending on size.

4. Nayoya Gymnastic Rings

Pros: According to the manufacturer, this product can provide a full-body workout. This means you do not have to purchase any additional equipment for your fitness once you own a pair of these rings. Their short set up time which is approximately five minutes also saves time and enables you to easily keep them away when they are not in use. As a result of the tough material used to manufacture the straps, they can support weight amounting to 2000kg. That means they can support absolutely anyone!

Cons: In as much as the product has instructions on how to set up the product, there is no correspondence on how best to use the straps.

Price Range: $34 - $100

5. TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

Pros: This product is Amazon exclusive, meaning you can only get it through Amazon. That means you are not susceptible to getting a counterfeit from other sources. It comes in a complete package, inclusive of a suspension trainer basic kit and door anchor. As such, you do not have to make any additional purchases once you acquire this product. Professionally, this suspension kit has been sold to a variety of sporting teams within the NFL, MLB, and NBA. If these athletes are using it to bolster their fitness, so can you!

Cons: No warranty has been mentioned by the manufacturers. Additionally, the product does not feature set up instructions and guidance on how to use the straps for exercise.

Price Range: $150 - $160

6. Valor Pro CB-29 GHD Machine

Pros: The Valor Pro CB-29 Glute and Ham Developer is manufactured for strength and durability, using a heavy duty steel construction, wheels for easy mobility, band pegs for adding resistance, high-density foam padding, and plate storage. In addition, the foot rests are vertically and horizontally adjustable for a custom fit.

Cons: Few customer reviews and vague mentioning of warranty by manufacturer.

Price Range: $250 - $550

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