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Balancing Hormones Naturally: Adaptogens for Adrenal Health

balancing hormones naturally with adaptogens

The amazing power of superfoods holds true when seeking to balance hormones naturally with adaptogens. Adaptogens are a group of chemicals usually found in certain herbs and plant foods that have been shown to guard against stress. It's well known that stress of any kind can have a negative impact on the entire body, specifically as a result of the various damaging effects caused by elevated blood levels of stress-related chemicals. These chemicals or stress hormones are regulated primarily by the adrenal glands. Imperative for balancing hormones naturally, the adrenal glands play a significant role in proper hormone balance and physiological function. Likewise, proper function of this organ is necessary for achieving optimal health and well-being. In addition, the hormones your adrenal glands produce also influence your mood. These triangular shaped glands located at the top of your kidneys are responsible for giving you that extra surge of vitality needed to deal with new demands, unusual challenges, and elevated stress levels. What is often referred to as the flight or fight reaction. When you face challenges that are beyond the usual, your adrenal glands activate the production of stress hormones which in turn assist you in coping with the challenge at hand. Once the crisis passes, your stress hormones automatically subside.

Although adrenal glands are key for your wellbeing, more often than not, physicians fail to identify when there is a problem with their function unless you’re suffering from Cushing’s syndrome or Addison’s disease, conditions well tacit in orthodox medicine. Adrenal dysfunction is therefore not a diagnosis commonly accepted. However, we sometimes must look beyond orthodox medicine to other alternative therapies in order to realize optimal health.


Adrenal Glands & Hormone Imbalance

The primary function of the adrenal glands it to provide the energy needed to deal with threatening situations what is referred to as the fight or flight response. During an emergency or crisis, the adrenal glands automatically increase the production of the hormone cortisol and adrenaline which lead to increased heart rate, sharper senses, inhibition of digestive processes as well as the release of glucose storage within the body.

The adrenal cortex is responsible for the production of cortisol hormone, DHEA hormones, sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. However, if you’re constantly stressed adrenal glands will continue producing the stress hormones and in excess, these hormones have effects in the body which include but are not limited to weight gain, thyroid imbalance, fatigue, moodiness, hormone imbalance, and irritability. Unfortunately, the hormones produced during flight and fight response were never designed to last for long. Cortisol hormone is only meant to convert fats into proteins so as to produce the energy needed during stressful situations. If it is produced for too long and at high levels, it can cause damage to your body. It impairs metabolism, digestion, and mental clarity. It also slows down healing and normal cell regeneration. It compromises healthy tissue and muscle as well as immune and endocrine functions. The other thing excess cortisol does is affect the production of hormones. It could also be linked to fibromyalgia, hypo-thyrodism, depression, arthritis, acne and hair loss.

Balancing Hormones Naturally With Adaptogens

adrenal gland anatomy

The use of plants for their healing capabilities is referred to as Phytotherapy. Adaptogens, on the other hand, is a term used to refer to a special group of healing plants that help in balancing, restoring and protecting the body. According to Edward Wallace a naturopath, adaptogens don’t have specific actions. They help your body to respond to stressors as well as assisting in regulating physiological functions. According to Marcelle Pick, a Naturopath, adaptogenic herbs help in recharging adrenal glands thus assisting in stress response.

There are about 16 proven adaptogens but we will look at some of the ones popularly used for balancing hormones naturally by enhancing adrenal gland function.

1. Maca

This is a tuber belonging to the radish family and popularly used in Peru for boosting hormones. It is used to improve fertility, promote better hair and skin, as well as manage PMS symptoms. It also aids in sperm production in men, muscle composition, and testosterone production. Get maca root supplement on Amazon today. They come in form of capsules available from different notable brands such as Nature’s way, Isula Nature, Now foods among others.


2. Ashwagandha

This adaptogen is popularly known as India ginseng. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and it helps in regulating one’s immune system as well as easing anxiety. It plays a key role in dropping cortisol levels. Get the organic India Ashwagandha herbal supplement Veg Capsules, healthy stress response on Amazon for $13.09. You could also opt for the organic Ashwagandha root powder retailing at $20.99.


3. Licorice root

This adaptogen helping in boosting endurance, energy as well as the immune system. It protects the thymus from getting damaged by hormone cortisol. It can potentially affect your blood pressure so it’s advised that you consume it under a professional’s supervision. Get your Licorice root herbal supplements on Amazon today selling from different brands all under $10.

licorice root

4. Holy Basil

In India, holy basil is known as the elixir of anti-aging. Studies indicate that holy basil helps in fighting stress and fatigue, regulating blood sugar, boosting the immune system, regulating hormone levels as well as blood pressure. Buy the New Chapter holy basil force on Amazon for $37.48 and get 120 soft gels with your purchase.

holy basil

5. Ginseng

Research indicates that Asian ginseng is ideal for enhancing mental performance as well as improving one’s ability to handle stress. The red ginseng also contains antioxidant properties and has antidepressant effects as well. It is also used in lowering blood pressure and managing levels of sugar in the blood. Get your ginseng supplements from Amazon today. They come in different forms and at affordable prices. Visit Amazon for more details.


6. Astragalus

This root is used mainly in Chinese medicine. It helps in buffering the body from the effects of stress, as well as boosting immunity. It might also be key in reducing the cortisol hormone’s ability to bind to receptors.

astragalus root

7. Rhodiola

Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen that buffers your body from physical fatigue and stress related mental fatigue. It was commonly used by Russian cosmonauts, military employees, and athletes. Years of research have started showing how Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen. It contains salidroside, a phytochemical that aids in relieving anxiety as well as combating the aging process. It also suppresses production of hormone cortisol while increasing stress-resistant protein levels. More to that, Rhodiola has been key in restoring regular eating habits as well as sleeping patterns. It helps in alleviating physical and mental fatigue, offers protection from oxidative stress, heat stress, protection from exposure to toxic chemicals as well as radiation. Get these and more adaptogens on Amazon at affordable prices and get your hormones balanced and adrenal glands working.



Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need hormones for carrying out various functions in your body. Women, however, have fluctuating levels of hormones throughout their cycle and if not managed, these hormonal imbalances can have serious impacts on their mood, health, and ability to carry out everyday activities.

Adaptogens can help in managing the changes that occur with these hormonal changes during one’s cycle. A proper diet and exercise are also important in balancing hormones naturally by aiding overall hormonal function and assisting the body in dealing with the stresses that come as a result of an imbalance.

Because adaptogens assist your body in responding to stressors as well as aiding in the regulation of physiological functions, how you take them and the amount you take should be put into consideration. Otherwise if wrongly administered, the effects could cause the problem to worsen. It is therefore recommended that you consult an expert before administering adaptogens.

Some issues affecting the hormone balance in your body need further intervention and taking adaptogens alone might not resolve the problem. If you suspect or are exhibiting symptoms of hormonal imbalance, first see your doctor who can conduct a series of test to determine the cause of the imbalance and recommend the safest way to manage the situation.




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