3 Nutritious Juice Recipes and the Top Juicers for Your Home

10 Nutritious Juice Recipes and the Top Juicers for Your Home

healing powers of juicing

Juicing is a unique experience for everyone. The process is not only enjoyable, but different juice recipes pack your body with essential nutrients that can boost the growth of new tissues, promote glowing skin, lower cholesterol, enhance energy, and improve mood. Additionally, consuming a complete spectrum of vitamins and other nutrients in their raw, whole food form through the use of juicing can also serve as an effective and natural pre / post workout weight loss and muscle building energy drink supplement. That said, here are 10 of the most nutritious juice recipes to help carry you throughout the seasons towards a healthier and more fit lifestyle with some whole food variety! Feel free to enjoy each of these tasty and exotic health elixirs – you never know, once you experience the savory side of healthy eating, you might just find the inspiration to adopt a healthier lifestyle for good!

We decided to offer you 10 powerful juice recipes because we believe that the myriad of super-nutrients present within raw juices can serve your body well, in a convenient and easy-to-consume way, especially if you're new to healthy eating. Although, pure juicing has many amazing health advantages in addition to convenience perks when incorporated into ones diet and may be more appealing to certain individuals. Likewise, the preparation of each of these recipes we're about to list are simple and easy. Furthermore, at the end of this article, we will be highlighting some of the best rated juicers available on the market. Hopefully this write-up can offer you some perspective into exploring the many nutritional possibilities available with juicing and serve as a complement to your health seeking campaign, helping you to more-effectively achieve your wellness goals!

Juicing: Health Benefits and How to Prepare

juicing for weight loss and health

How do you start your day? Oh, with a nice cup of coffee? Does your favorite coffee keep you energetic throughout the day? Does your body get the nutrients it requires to remain healthy? No. what if I tell you to give up your coffee and have juice instead? You may not relent but let me tell you that juice is the best way to make your diet balanced and a vital tool to make you healthy, fit, and energetic. Now, don’t tell me that juices are boring or that they taste bad. We will share ten nutritious juice recipes that you can include in your diet and you’ll enjoy their taste, too.

Why juicing?

This is the first question that may pop up in your mind as nutritionists and doctors always advise us to eat raw fruits and vegetables. The fiber content of green and leafy vegetables is good for our digestion but we have to keep in mind that eating six servings of vegetables and fruits is not always possible. More importantly, there are health benefits of juicing that we cannot ignore.

Health benefits of juicing

Juicing is the a favorite among fitness lovers and nutritionists. There are numerous benefits of drinking this that have made people take to juicing.

Juicing offers a faster and more efficient way to give your body the nutrients it needs without putting any pressure on the digestive system. It is difficult to digest the fibers and they put pressure on the gut. However, with juicing, you get life-enhancing and immune-boosting nutrients easily.

With juices, you can pump the nutrients directly in the blood stream. When you are looking for an instant energy boost or need something healthy on the go, juices are the best option.

fruit juicing

Drinking fresh juice promotes healthy eating. We cannot deny that there are very few families where a lot of different types of vegetables are cooked in a week. Either a lack of time or the interest in eating vegetables makes us stick to only a few chosen ones. This creates a deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals in the body. Drinking juices is an excellent way to add a variety of colorful vegetables in your diet and get all the nutrients your body requires.

Health benefits of juicing also include increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut. There are many fruits and veggies loaded with probiotics that increase good bacteria in our intestine. Leeks, bananas, and ginger are a few such foods. By having juices, you can improve your digestive health and boost the immunity system.

We all know how our bodies have become laden with toxins. Drinking juices is an easy way to detox your body. A juice fast is the ideal method to detox the body and keep it healthy.

prevent disease with juicing

Juicing can help us treat certain medical conditions and even prevent a host of diseases. By choosing what you put in your juices you can improve your digestive system, lower your cholesterol, and your blood sugar. Certain fruits and vegetables bolster our immune system and help us fight diseases like colon cancer. Moreover, people who are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy and find it difficult to eat a normal diet can get benefits from drinking juices.

People who are in into sports or heavy workouts always prefer juice. They get a nutritional boost from juices and can clock better performance.

By including juices into our diet, we can not only improve our overall health but also our skin and hair. Juicing helps our bodies absorb more nutrients and suppress the appetite. By opting for juices, we can easily say no to fried foods and burgers. We can also cut down on caffeine and other aerated drinks by replacing them with juices.

I hope you are convinced now that juicing is beneficial for your health. Now, it is time to share some nutritious juice recipes that you can easily prepare at home to enjoy them.

Juice recipes

Let us list these recipes according to the benefits they can bring to you so that you can easily choose the right ones for yourself.

Body Cleansing Juices

These recipes would help you cleanse your body. They are nourishing, too.

Green Juice

green juice recipe

The base of this juice is celery, a nutritional powerhouse. Alkaline in nature, this juice would ensure that you get all the essential minerals and vitamins for a properly functioning body.

Ingredients –

4-6 kale leaves

1 green apple

A bunch of celery

1 inch of ginger

A handful or parsley leaves

1 lime and 1 lemon

Put all the ingredients together and prepare a juice. It is better to start your day with this juice to boost your energy.

Sunshine Juice

papaya juice recipe

This juice is also the ideal to begin your day. Made from pineapple, papaya, kiwi, and coconut water, it boosts the digestive system and helps the body to get rid of toxins. The presence of papaya and pineapple give it a bright orange color that would definitely uplift your mood.

Ingredients –

1 medium sized papaya

1 small pineapple

1 inch of ginger

1 cup of coconut water

Recipe - Take the papaya and pineapple and peel them. Slice them and add 1 inch ginger, then juice all the mixtures. Add 1 cup of coconut water and stir well before drinking the juice.

Do you want to lose fat? Here are two juice recipes that would help to cut the flab and get fitter and slimmer.

Cucumber Delight

cucumber juice recipe

Cucumber is high in water content and low in calories. Thus, juicing it helps in keeping you full without adding calories.

This cucumber juice can be made with one or two cucumbers with a dash of lime and a few mint leaves for a fresh feel.

Pomegrante Juice

pomegranate juice recipe

Pomegranate not only contains antioxidants and polyphenols but also suppresses our appetite. Thus, pomegranate juice would help you to lose fat and also make your skin glow.

Take a pomegranate and juice it. You can add a piece of apple to it.

Watermelon Wonder

watermelon juice recipe

This is another fruit that can help you in losing weight as it has a high quantity of water and fewer calories. Take a few pieces of watermelon and make a juice of them. You can add cucumber, mint leaves, and a few drops of lemon to make it tastier and healthier.

Energy Boosting Juices

If you lead a fast life and are looking for ways to boost your energy, here are a few great juice recipes for you.

Cucumber Celery Juice

celery juice recipe

Drink this juice in the morning to increase your brain function and enhance your energy level.

Ingredients –

8 stalks of celery

A handful or kale, parsley and spinach

1 cucumber

1 inch of ginger

A teaspoon of lemon juice

Take all the ingredients in the jar and juice them up. Have this juice in the morning instead of coffee and see how energetic you feel for the whole day.

Beet Juice

beet juice recipe

Beetroots are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients –

1 beetroot

1 cucumber

1 green apple

1 inch ginger

Half lemon

Put all the ingredients in a juicer and create a lovely red juice that would keep you full for a long time and also provide energy.

Stress is so common nowadays. The grind of daily life leaves us exhausted. Some people are so stressed out that they fall prey to stress-related diseases. To combat stress, here is a wonderful juice recipe that you should drink every day.

Spinach Carrot Juices

carrot juice recipe

Ingredients –

2 handfuls of spinach

4 stalks of celery

2 carrots

Peel and cut these ingredients and put them in the juicer to get a stress-busting energetic juice that would also give your body a lot of nutrients.

Digestion Boosting Juices

The hustle and bustle of daily life, the high levels of stress, and our faulty eating habits take a toll on our digestive system. If you want to repair your body and want to keep it healthy and strong, make this juice a part of your daily life.

Papaya Cabbage Juice

cabbage juice recipe

Ingredients –

1 small papaya

3 leaves of kale

1 piece of lemon

1 inch of ginger

1/8 of a cabbage

Make the juice using all the above-mentioned items and drink it on an empty stomach. Papaya contains papain that aids digestion. Ginger is good to relax the intestinal tract. It also helps in reducing flatulence. Cabbage helps in cleaning your system and improves bowel movement. Thus, this juice is ideal if you suffer from indigestion or constipation.

Age Fighting Juices

Our skin is the first to show signs of ill-health. Stress, lack of sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle leave their mark on our skin. Dull, patchy skin and signs of aging are some of the problems most of us encounter. Here is a juice that would help you to fight aging. It is made using veggies and fruits that are full of anti-oxidants. They can be juiced easily and give you glowing skin again.

Berry Burst

berry juice recipe

Ingredients –

1 leaf of kale

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of blueberries

1 medium beet

2 cups of liquid. Can be water or Aloe Vera juice.

This juice is packed with the goodness of nature that can help your skin fight the signs of aging.

So, now you've learned ten healthy and delicious juice recipes. Try them and reap their benefits. Do you know what the best thing about juicing is? The possibilities are endless. You can try our recipes and modify them according to your taste buds. For example, if the juices taste sour and not so palatable, add grapes or apples to sweeten them. You can also add lemon to make them tastier. Later on, reduce these items to make the juices healthier. You can also mix and match the items as there is no wrong way of juicing. Have more carrots or beets if you like, introduce more items for variety to increase the health benefits.

Juicing Time: When to Have a Juice?

Now, even after being an avid juicer, you may not reap the full benefits. You may wonder whether you should add more veggies or fruits or even switch recipes. Well, the problem may lie in your timing. Yes, it is important to drink juices at the right time and if you are having them with meals, you may not get the full benefits as well.

Let us see when and how to have your juices.

Morning is the best time to have your juices. After a night’s fasting, the body is ready to take all the power-packed ingredients. Having your favorite juice first thing in the morning would help to better absorb the nutrients. Furthermore, replacing coffee or tea with a juice is always the healthier option.

If you drink juices along with a meal, the body may take a longer time to absorb all the ingredients. The digestive process would slow down as well. So, try to avoid drinking juices with heavy meals. However, you can combine juices with salads to get the alkalizing effect.

It is better to drink juices during the first half of the day as they would release energy and keep you alert throughout the whole day.

If you are into cardio exercises, drink your juice before hitting the gym. The body needs energy before working out and an energy giving juice is the best option for it. After the workout session, the body gets depleted of glycogen and electrolytes. Instead of going for energy drinks, opt for fresh juices. The body would be hydrated, get all the nutrients it needs without piling on calories, and help you in getting fitter.

So, we have seen how juicing is beneficial to our bodies. We have also shared some nutritious juice recipes. It is time now to select your recipe and try it at home. Once you get hooked to it, you would love the idea. Welcome to the world of juicing and finding your way into good health.

5 Best Juicers for Your Home

You now have juice remedies that can serve a variety of your needs. However, you may be unsure of what kind of juicer you should use for the best results. That said, here are a few of juicers reviewed. Each of these appliances can be found on Amazon. What’s more, they are suitable for a variety of budgets.

1. Omega J8005

The Omega J8005 has been regarded as one of the top masticating juicers in the market. The slow squeezing process any vegetable or fruit undergoes in this appliance ensures that you get the most pulp out of your ingredients. This not only means a larger yield overall but also means you obtain more nutrients from the components of your juice.

Further, top reviews on Amazon cite this device as very easy to use and being able to handle a variety of mixtures.

Some users, however, have had some of its parts break in a short period upon purchasing. However, its ten-year warranty should cover that. The Omega J8005 retails for a price of $230 - $250.

2. Breville BJE510XL

This home appliance is a centrifugal juicer. That means that unlike masticating juicers, the device extracts the components of ingredients by quick spinning as the material is continuously shredded for its juice. Afterward, the pulp and juice flow into separate chambers, allowing you to obtain a purer form of the juice.

Pros: The Breville BJE510XL is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, with many reviews citing it as easy to clean, generally quieter than other juicers in its field and offering extensive services without breaking down.

Cons: The appliance has a one-year warranty, while other juicers in its category have warranties ranging from 10 to 15 years. Further, some ingredients such as garlic and kales produce lesser juice in this juicer than in others.

Price range: $180 - $200

3. Cuisinart CJE-1000

Another juicer in the centrifugal category, the Cuisinart CJE-1000 ensures you can get purer juice.

Pros: It has a 1000-watt power capacity, enabling you to juice your products at more power as compared to other appliances on the same price range. Further, its motor is quiet allowing it to be used with more peace and overall ease. It also has five different speed settings, enabling you to juice your components at slower or faster paces depending on recipe instructions or urgency.

Cons: It has a shorter warranty, pegged at three years. This juicer is also not dishwasher friendly, meaning its blades can be damaged if not manually cleaned.

Price range: $130 - $140

4. Hamilton Beach 67601

This device is yet another centrifugal juicer. It is rated 4.2 out of five stars from its reviews on Amazon.

Pros: It is easy to clean, as most of the pulp can be rinsed off with little effort. Further, this appliance’s spare parts can be easily found on the company’s website for lower prices as compared to other competitors within its price range. As such, they can be easily replaced. Its 800-watt power rating makes it suitable for smaller amounts of regular juicing and means it consumes lesser electricity if you are looking into cutting down energy costs.

Cons: Most users have complained about the parts’ short lifespan, which coupled with its one-year warranty means you might have to cover for most damage costs.

Price range: $50 - $60

5. Black & Decker JE2200B

This appliance is another entry in the centrifugal juicer category. If you’re on a lower budget, then this is the juicer for you.

Pros: It has a 400-watt power rating, which means it consumes lesser electricity. Who doesn’t like a lower bill? Additionally, its motor has been regarded as strong, meaning it can handle an array of ingredients. It also has a two-year warranty which is quite long for an appliance of its price range.

Cons: The device is compact, meaning it can only handle smaller amounts of fruit or vegetables at a time. Further, its low power rating means that you have to chop up ingredients before you put them in the juicer, unlike in other appliances where you can just put in the ingredients as desired.

Price Range: $30 – 40

Overall, we hope this guide helps you into a fruitful and healthier experience over the year. Gaining the many health benefits of juicing is only a recipe or two away. Hopefully, by making the decision to try out new, tasteful approaches to nutrition, you can become inspired and motivated to remain committed to accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Cheers!

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