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The Best Vitamin D Supplements Reviewed for 2017

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that naturally exists in few foods and is obtainable either as a dietary supplement or in fortified food products. Vitamin D is so vital that it is involved in regulating the action of more than 200 genes, several fold more than any other vitamin. Therefore, vitamin D plays a role […]

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The Top Rated Exercise Bikes for Your Home in 2017

An exercise bike, also known as a stationary bicycle, comes equipped with handlebars, pedals and a seat. While quite similar to a stand bicycle, the exercise bicycle is solely used for exercise. The exercise bike differs from a standard bike because it doesn’t drive anywhere when you pedal, instead it stays in one place, allowing the […]

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The Best Calcium Supplements Reviewed for 2017

As part of ones journey to achieve wellness, supporting optimal bone density and strength has proven to be vitally important. At the forefront of the processes concerning bone health is calcium. Likely best option for improving bone health, calcium is involved in the generation of healthy bone cells. Furthermore, calcium plays a vital role in muscular contractions and thus facilitates the […]

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The Best Fish Oil Supplement for Heart Health in 2017

Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of oily fish, the best sources being fatty, cold water fish. Just to refresh your memory, fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. The human body is capable of synthesizing most fatty acids needed to support healthy physiology, except omega-3 fats. So, supplementation of omega-3 […]

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What Are The Best Types of Honey for Your Health?

There are different types of honey on the market, and with such variety, many buyers find themselves stuck when trying to choose one of them. These different kinds of honey are sometimes according to brands or directed to different user needs. Therefore, the best type of honey is determined by the use you are planning […]

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The Best Fiber Supplements for 2017 Reviewed

What is Fiber?Fiber, a critical nutrient at the forefront of preventative-health has been referenced throughout TV commercials, news, and articles online. Doctors and nutritionists regularly talk about the various benefits of increased fiber in the diet. However, modern-day culture has allowed for unhealthy, low nutrient eating habits that have made it difficult for many individuals […]

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