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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Water and the Importance of Staying Hydrated

amazing health benefits of water

What are the health benefits of water? Well, it's undoubtedly true, your body is composed mostly of water, over 70% in fact. Known chemically as H2O, these miraculous molecules made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom govern the processes of nearly all life on earth. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, when you think about it, all living things are made of cells and all cells are tiny packets of water and functional proteins surrounded by a lipid membrane. That said, considering that the human body is made up of trillions of tiny, water-filled cells may help us to better understand the liquid nature of not only our bodies but all life on earth.

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If there truly is one compound at the cornerstone of how biological systems function, it's water. Firstly, the earth is covered primarily with water as there is more ocean covering the planet than land. As a result, water is in the air, where it remains present in its gaseous form, water vapor. Of course, water is also found in small organisms like bacteria, fungi, and protists as well as in plants where it is used in photosynthesis to form glucose from sunlight and carbon dioxide, in addition to generating other energy-containing compounds necessary for continued cell activity. As a result of this process, oxygen is released, which, of course we breathe in and thus, need to survive.

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Likewise, while we species of the animal kingdom utilize the oxygen produced by these processes and give off the carbon dioxide needed for the cycle to continue, water is also used in forming the necessary energy compounds that our cells need to continue their function. Moreover, it is fluid dynamics and the flow of water that form the basis of these energy generation processes found within the cells of bacteria, fungi, protists, plants, and animals. Surely then, the vital importance of water in all life forms is no secret and incorporating more of this life giving elixir may just be what we need in order to enhance and maintain our health. Below are some of the most common health benefits of water that you can experience simply by increasing your overall water intake.

10 Health Benefits of Water:

1. Water improves digestion

water improves digestion

One of the primary health benefits of water involves its role in enhancing digestion. Taking in adequate amounts of water enables the body to sufficiently produce the digestive juices that facilitate proper digestion. This enhances the functioning of the digestive tract as food material is broken down better. Also, water aids in food’s motion through the alimentary canal causing smoother digestion.


2. Water decreases toxins in the body

water detoxifies

Water serves as an excellent antioxidant. As a result of the part it plays in urine formation and sweating, water dissolves a variety of waste products which are then flushed out through the skin and as urine. Additionally, water dissolves minerals present in the kidney thereby decreasing the probability of kidney stone formation.

3. Water boosts energy

water boosts energy

Did you know that a cup of water in the morning could wake you up better than a cup of coffee? Studies have shown that taking in more water makes you feel less tired since all body processes run at greater efficiency when you are hydrated.


4. Water relieves headaches and migranes

water relieves migranes

Dehydration is a primary cause of headaches and migraines. This applies in particular on hot days when people undergo a lot of sweating. Taking in adequate water on a daily basis waylays headaches and could further provide relief from these pains.

5. Water encourages weight loss

water weight loss

Are you looking to shed off some extra pounds? Water might be just what you need in line with cutting down your calories. According to clinical trials, two eight-ounce glasses of water taken right before meals suppress an individual’s appetite. This causes them to eat less, thereby taking in lesser calories for weight loss.


6. Water improves your mood

water improves mood

A study in the Journal of Nutrition indicated that lower hydration levels contributed to a more negative mood. The research was conducted on a group of 25 women who all had their hydration levels lowered and increased with time. Of course, the health benefits of water expand into brain health and beyond as having more water in your body helps your body's hormonal system to balance the chemicals necessary to support a better mood, improving your overall cognitive function.

7. Water gives you better skin

water skin health

Water is the main component of blood plasma which transports nutrients throughout your body. Taking in sufficient amounts of water enables your tissues to consistently be replenished, leading to their healing and replacement. This leads to younger-looking skin. Also, water makes your skin more elastic and better moisturized.


8. Water regulates your body temperature

water regulates body temperature

An important component of the amazing health benefits of water is represented in its ability to balance the body. Specifically body temperature. Water’s homeostatic function ensures you maintain regular body temperature. This could be effective in case you are exercising, as an even temperature will lead to optimal body activity. As such, you will be able to get the most out of your workout. Water’s consistent evaporation from the skin through sweating makes sure your temperature does not rise above average levels.

9. Water freshens breath

water freshens breath

Keeping your mouth consistently moist by taking in water from time to time ensures that any food particles that could have remained in your mouth are well flushed out. Their presence in the mouth could lead to bad breath once they begin to decompose. The health benefits of water include supporting oral health.

10. Water brightens your eyes

water for eye health

Eyes can be inflamed from allergies or an injury. However, applying cold compression's from water reduces swelling and enables your eyes to look less puffy. Further, yellow eyes are a sign of dehydration. Taking in adequate amounts of water ensures your eyes remain bright and give you an active look. Better overall eye health proves to be one of the most interesting health benefits of water as it speaks to waters ability to positively effect the nervous and circulatory systems.

Now that you know some of health benefits of water and the importance of staying hydrated, here are a few tools that can help you on your way to living a healthier lifestyle by increasing your consumption of clean water.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

Pros: Its 1000 liter-filter integration means that over 1,000 liters of water can be successfully through it. Past the 1,000 liters, the LifeStraw filters it uses can be replaced with new ones for additional purification to take place. This process removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, ensuring each drink you have is almost entirely void of any disease-causing germs. Further, it has no aftertaste after the process.

Cons: There isn’t much to say here, the product’s record speaks for itself.

Price Range: $28 - $35

Reverse Osmosis Home Water Filter System - RO5DX

Pros: The product has a one-year warranty and comes with lifetime support to ensure customer satisfaction. Through its intricate reverse osmosis system, the device removes 99.99 percent of contaminants ranging from arsenic, bacteria, viruses, lead and fluoride. Further, its filters last twice as long as other products within the same price range, thereby giving you a bargain for your money

Cons: Product manufacturers have not mentioned anything in line with helping customers set up the product.

Price Range: $162 - $170

Water Pitchers - Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

Pros: The filters removes a significant extent of fluoride and chlorine. Since it has filters well-put into its system, it waylays the need to install expensive purification tools within the plumbing. The pitcher has a significant capacity and can filter up to eight cups at a time. One set of filters can purify over 200 Gallons of water. Additionally, these filters are recyclable and can be replaced once their shelf-life has been depleted.

Cons: This device has no warranty. Additionally, the packaging does not mention manufacturer aid in setting up the appliance.

Price Range: $35 - $40

Faucet Water Filter – The PUR FM-2000B

Pros: This product is incredibly easy to set up in the home. It provides 100 gallons of water straight from your tap. Therefore this resource could last two to three months. Since the faucets filter the water automatically at the point of the outlet, there is no need for storage space.

Cons: There is nothing much to say here. Overall, this is a very well-designed product.

Price Range: $13 - $16

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