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Top Body Weight Back & Leg Exercises To Get in Shape


You: ‘’ I just have no idea why I feel so exhausted all the day round.’’

Friend: ‘’Do you exercise regularly? If not, you must start body weight exercises for legs and back.’’

Now, take that suggestion seriously!

‘’Sweat now to get results in future!’’

At every step, either of your guardians must have given you this piece of advice for one reason or another. It is true in many facets of life, and one of them is your own body. After all, every part of your organism adapts to your daily physical routine. Your body does that to ensure you will carry on with this schedule every day. Don’t you think you should give your body something back as well? With bodyweight back exercises and bodyweight leg exercises, you can return to your body the perfect care it needs. And you will be sending a message saying: "Hey, I'm getting more things done and need you to use my energy more efficiently to stop feeling exhausted."

The whole concept of fitness in present times is usually associated with aesthetics. Seems like it's only about getting a better body than the other party you are competing against. However, after understanding fitness correctly, you will realize there is a lot more to it than just the good looks.

Fitness is always about improvements. It makes better your body, mind, and use of energy from the day before, and the benefits accumulate over time. Given that it is a regular and gradual process, you will be stronger day by day after repeating your routine. It is therefore imperative to have a set of exercises specifically designed to ensure that your body stays in the best condition possible.

Bodyweight back exercises: Some of the top exercises that you must try!

Here are some of the best exercises that can help you relieve the tensions of your back, literally! Check them out!

Isometric Hip Bridge:

Isometric Hip Bridge

Here, initially you need to lay on your back. Keep your feet flat on the ground and then bend your knees. Finally, with your arms beside you and placing full force in the hands, raise your body up by the hips.

Make sure that this is carried out for 20 seconds before you leave, after feeling a moderate tension on your back. Practice this exercise for a week and see the magic!

Isometric Horizontal Pull:

Isometric Horizontal Pull

One of the most important bodyweight back exercises you can choose. In this case, you can use a swing for hanging. Keep your body straight, and your feet anchored to the ground. Then, pull up your body until your chest touches the bottom of the swing, and hold it for 30 seconds.

Also, other variations include lowering of your body slowly until reaching a full extension of your arms. If you do this for  30 seconds before getting to the original position, you will be doing a "negative pull-up" that increases your strength dramatically.



For this exercise your target is your lower back, arms, and shoulders. You can start with a pushup position, and next you can lower your hips to the floor keeping the knees on the ground.

Going back to starting position, keep your posterior in the air towards the ground. Your arms should be straight, getting a ‘V’ position with your body. This exercise helps in strengthening muscles and losing fat as well.

Reverse Push-ups:

Reverse Push-ups

If you have been looking for building up your core muscles, upper back and shoulders, this is one of the best bodyweight back exercises for that. This exercise is similar to the traditional pushup but instead of facing the floor, you will be facing away from it.

Start by sitting on the floor with your hands a little wider than hip distance. Keep your hands and feet flat on the floor and lift your body up within a comfortable range of motion. Hold it there for 30 seconds. If that seems too easy, you can also bend your elbows until you touch the floor lightly with your hips and then go back to the starting position. Repeat it for ten minutes on a regular basis for best results.

Superman Back Extension:

Superman Back Extension

One of the best exercises to improve your posterior on the whole. You need to lie down on your stomach and extend your arms over your head. After that, you need to pull your arms, feet, and head away from the floor, keeping it there for a few seconds.

Try out these bodyweight back exercises now and see yourself getting a better posture for your spine!

Next, comes what? Oh yes! The legs! Would you not wish to sport a sexy pair of legs as Scarlett Johansson? Impossible, you say? Not really! The best part of these exercises is that you are not only developing amazing legs, but also healthy ones. You will be avoiding common issues, like osteoporosis and gout. Here are some of the most important exercises to maintain the gravity quotient of your body.

Bodyweight leg exercises: Top exercises for you!

To get those long and healthy legs, your routine should include:



For a starting position, stand with your feet shoulder width or hip width. Now, pretend you are to sit back in a chair behind you. Now, when the hips are at the back, make sure that your knees are bent comfortably.

Keep in mind that your knees should be always behind the tip of your toes and your shins should be always vertical. When the knees continue shifting forward, it can be taken as the end range.



In this type of bodyweight leg exercises, one leg is to be taken at a backward position from standing point. Keep your knees bent at a 90 degrees angle, and check they are always behind the tip of your toes and your shin is vertical.

While switching your legs, keep the heel of the front foot down, and go back to the original position. To get best results, it is crucial that you hold this position for a long time period.

Glute Bridge:

Glute Bridge

This one will target your lower back and glutes muscles. To start, lie down straight on the ground, bend your knees moderately and raise your hips with the help  of your heels. Push down the heels, and at the very top, squeeze your glutes to prevent arching your lower back. The shins are to be kept in a vertical position.

Supine Leg Curl:

Supine Leg Curl

This is another of those bodyweight leg exercises that that targets all the muscles collectively, especially the hamstrings. You need to hold something slippery under your heels, and while you extend your legs, you need to keep the hips off the ground.



Just the one that you need for a lazy day! Take an elevated platform, and while standing straight, you need to push your leading foot down. No leaning or lunging forward is allowed in this case.

Make sure you try out these different exercise variations to find out which movements you enjoy the most and watch your body transform.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your body up and activate it with these great bodyweight leg exercises and bodyweight back exercises, designed to get you a perfect body!

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Charles Nicole - April 17, 2017

Hi, thanks for sharing.
I decided to take these workouts seriously, I am coming up with the body weight leg exercises especially the squat and glute bridge. However, I am having a little difficulty in doing the Isometric hip bridge under the body weight back exercises. I can’t seem to pull my body up by the hip while maintaining my feet flat on the floor. Please can you throw more light on how to achieve that?
Thanks again.


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