The Best Vitamins for Heart & Cardiovascular Health in 2017


Your heart is the center of your blood circulatory system, with the function of ensuring that blood reaches all other parts of your body. This ensures that your body cells obtain oxygen and crucial nutrients for energy, healing, growth and development. Blood circulation also ensures even heat distribution, so that your body temperature stays at the correct level for survival. By pumping blood, your heart is one of the most vital body organs. Therefore, it would be good to exercise good health practices and go for regular check-up to ensure that the condition of your heart is good and that it functions properly all the time.

best vitamins for heart health

Vitamins go a long way towards improving the health of your heart. The most important vitamins in the improvement of your cardiovascular health are vitamin B1, B3 (niacin), C, D and E. However, it can be very difficult to find all these vitamins in regular food items. This is why you need to consider purchasing some vitamin supplements – these are a great alternative. Discussed below are the benefits of taking vitamins in terms of the health of your heart and cardiovascular system in general. We have also indicated the best heart vitamins that you can purchase from Amazon.

As a matter of fact, heart disease is among the top causes of death worldwide. According to research, vitamin E’s effectiveness in reversing the development of heart problems is very impressive. Based on the findings of most studies, people who take vitamin E supplements daily reduce the risk of developing heart illnesses by more than 60%. These studies show that by taking Vitamin E supplements, people who had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by more than 75%.

Furthermore, cardiologists agree that supplementation with vitamin E is a sure way to prevent occurrence of angina attacks.

Vitamin E supplements have also been shown to be a successful treatment for people with coronary thrombosis, rheumatic fever and hypertension. Other health benefits of vitamin E include the prevention of diabetes and mazoplasia.

As an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent, Vitamin E works by preventing oxidation of DNA lipids by free radicals. By doing this, it prevents and reverses degeneration of cells membranes. It also prevents formation of blood clots thereby preventing formation and rapture of plaque (which cause thrombosis and atherosclerosis) in the blood.

Other benefits of Vitamin E supplementation are:

  • Reduction of cells’ oxygen requirement
  • Dissolution of thrombus
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation
  • Reducing insulin requirement in the body
  • Enhancing muscular performance
  • Reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

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High bad-cholesterol levels in your blood put you in the risk of developing multiple cardiovascular conditions. In relation to this matter, Vitamin B3 is the safest, least costly, effective means to lower the level of bad cholesterol in your blood and thus reduce the risk of developing a heart disease. Apart from lowering the level of the bad form cholesterol in the blood, Niacin helps increase the level of the good type of cholesterol. Vitamin B3 is also a very effective sedative, thus helping you relax and sleep more comfortably. Niacin is very unique in that it not only reduces the level of bad cholesterol in your blood by more than 20%, but also lowers you triglycerides levels by more than 50%. By taking Vitamin B3 supplements, you don’t have to worry about your bad-cholesterol levels; you don’t even have to alter your diet.

Research shows that Niacin reduces mortality rate among heart-disease patients by more than 90%. This research also indicates that Vitamin B3 is a great way to prolong life even in healthy people.

The good thing with Niacin is that it does not completely remove cholesterol from your body. As a matter of fact, there are some good types of cholesterol that reduce the risk of cancer; Niacin goes a long way towards preserving this good cholesterol.

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Numerous studies nowadays show that insufficient levels of Vitamin D in the body put people in the risk of developing such cardiovascular conditions as high blood pressure, heart attack and atherosclerosis. Many cardiologists have supported these studies and added that increasing levels Vitamin D reduce the risk of these cardiovascular illnesses. In addition to preventing the development of cardiovascular conditions, Vitamin D prevents the development of some cancers.

Vitamin functions as a biological catalyst, monitoring very many genes in your body. It does a great deal of work, for instance by:

  • Keeping cancerous cells from spreading in the colon and breast
  • Regulating the pressure of blood in your kidneys
  • Monitoring the blood glucose levels in your pancreas
  • Promoting proper development of your teeth, nails and bones

Your body is capable of producing Vitamin D all by itself especially when you’re basking in the sun. Therefore, people who spend more time indoors stand higher risks of Vitamin D deficiency. Obesity is one of the most certain causes of Vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the fact that fatty cells absorb Vitamin D, thus preventing it from being circulated to other parts of the body. Dark skin pigment is also a risk factor, in that the elevated levels of melanin curtail proper synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin; sunscreen has the same effect as dark skin pigment.

Generally, women possess less levels of Vitamin D than men. This is due to the fact that they have more body fat as compared to men; they tend to stay indoors more often; they also tend to apply a lot more sunscreen on their skin than men do. Therefore, women should observe their lifestyles more keenly, as anything curtailing Vitamin D synthesis is a risk factor for developing heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions. Women also need to get screened for cardiovascular disease so as to alleviate the situation before it advances to dangerous levels.

As people grow older, their ability to produce Vitamin D in the skin or absorb it from food reduces. Furthermore, older people tend to remain indoors more often, thus further decreasing their Vitamin D levels. There are several medical experts who believe that Vitamin D deficiency has something to do with a person’s geographical location – those people who stay in areas that experience the sun less often tend to have much lower levels of Vitamin D, therefore increasing their risk of developing heart conditions.

In light of these issues, health experts recommend that you check your Vitamin D levels regularly. If they are low, it is advisable to take Vitamin D supplements. Otherwise, basking in the sun (without sunscreen) is a great way to improve your Vitamin D levels.

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The most important benefit of Vitamin B1 is that it reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular illnesses. Vitamin B1 also improves the performance of the muscles of your heart. In this regard, it promotes the secretion of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which relays nervous impulses to your cardiac muscles. Therefore, the result of insufficient amounts of Vitamin B1 in your body is irregular heartbeats, which is a risk factor for heart attack. Research has shown that Vitamin B1 administered to heart-failure patients considerably improved their heart function in just a week of use.

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Due to the fact that Vitamin C is highly soluble in water, your body is not able to store it. Moreover, your body is not able to produce it on its own, therefore necessitating the need to obtain it from your diet.

Ascorbic acid functions as an antioxidant, thereby preventing free radicals from damaging the lipid layer of your DNA. Therefore, Ascorbic acid prevents these free radicals from damaging the DNA in your cardiovascular system, thereby preventing subsequent development of heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions. In this regard, health experts argue that Vitamin C is as important as physical exercises in protecting the health of your heart.

Many of these health experts have shown that Vitamin C supplementation suppresses endothelin-1, a protein that causes the narrowing and blockage of your blood vessels; this blockage increases the risks of developing heart conditions. Since you may not always be available to participate in physical exercises all the time, it would be good to consider taking Vitamin C supplements to lower your levels of endothelin-1. Vitamin C supplementation is particularly recommended for overweight people, as they tend to have higher levels of endothelin-1 and thus higher risks of developing cardiovascular conditions.

As a matter of fact, the damage that follows a heart attack or stroke can be worsened by the lack of capacity of blood vessels to widen enough for blood to circulate to the damaged areas. In respect of this, Vitamin C is a very good vasodilator. It opens up the blocked areas, thus allowing blood to flow to the affected areas and supply nutrients and drugs.

Pain associated with angina can be attributed to the constriction of coronary arteries. This constriction is seen as a big risk factor for the development of heart conditions. Many studies have proved that Vitamin C supplementation improves dilation of coronary blood vessels and subsequent reduction of the effects of heart disease.

Have you ever wondered why doctors always insist that you have fruits and vegetables in every meal? The reason is simple – they contain Vitamin C, which is great for the health of your heart. Therefore, people who eat higher amounts of fruits and vegetables generally have a lower risk of developing heart conditions than those who don’t. The statistics are incredible – eating fruits and vegetables reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 15%; it also reduces your risk of early death by 20%.

Based on many studies, Vitamin C reduces hypertension and increases arterial flexibility. Therefore, people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables or take Vitamin C supplements stand a much lower risk of developing high blood pressure. In addition to this, Vitamin C reduces the rate of development of atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels, particularly arteries). By this function, Vitamin C promotes the flexibility of your blood vessels. By promoting the reduction of blood pressure and the flexibility of blood vessels, Vitamin C helps protect you from heart disease and all other cardiovascular conditions.

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The Best Vitamins for Heart Health:

All vitamins are very important for overall cardiovascular health, but the ones outlined above are the best vitamins for the heart. This is particularly so because of the many advantages you can enjoy by taking them. These benefits range from promoting vasodilatation of your arteries; to dissolution of plaques; to removal of bad cholesterol from your blood, all for the improvement of the health of your heart and cardiovascular system in general. By serving these functions, the best vitamins for heart health protect you from such conditions as atherosclerosis, heart attack, high blood pressure, thrombosis, heart failure and many other cardiovascular disorders. Furthermore, these vitamins don’t help you avoid cardiovascular illnesses alone; they also help fight other conditions such as diabetes, while improving the overall condition of your health.

However, it is not possible to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamins from taking regular food alone. This is why we have suggested various vitamin supplements which you can easily purchase from Amazon. With these vitamins, you can rest assured that your heart’s health is safe. On the other hand, always remember to consult with your doctor before taking any food supplements. The purpose of consulting with your doctor is to determine your suitability for taking certain types of vitamin supplements. Remember also that although the best heart vitamins go a long way towards improving your heart's health, you should not stop participating in physical exercises. As a matter of fact, physical exercises used in combination with these vitamins is the ideal cocktail of good health practices for your overall improvement.

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