The Best Joint Supplement for Knees in 2017: Joint Vitality and Care

It’s an innate trait for every human being to be curious. There is a need to travel and discover, to go on adventures and wander about. We want to see and explore the things we haven’t yet seen and visit places we haven’t been to. We want to mobilize ourselves, always.

best joint supplement for knees and running

In order to mobilize, we need a sound mind and body that will help us keep up with our yearning. We need to be healthy. You will not be able to communicate with the people of the Hmong hill tribes in China if you do not have a stable mental health; you need to get rid of anxiety and nerves. You will not be able to climb the Swiss Alps of Switzerland if you have rheumatic knees and painful joints. We cannot go on exploring if one of the most essential parts of our body, the knees, are damaged.

With our knees we are able to perform basic mobile movements such as running, jumping, walking, playing sports and even climbing the Swiss Alps of Switzerland if you really want to! So how do the knees and its corresponding joints look?

What Does the Knee Joint Look Like?

If we take a closer look inside the human body, we will find the distal end (or the end away from the center of the body) of the femur or the thighbone, meeting the proximal end (end closer to the center of the body) of the tibia. Think of it as two large sticks that meet together to be capped and stabilized by another piece of bone that is shaped halfway between a circle and a triangle. This other bone is called the kneecap or the patella. Together, these three bones create the knee joint that gives us the capability to move. Without this, we would just be stiff sticks unable to bend our knees. We wouldn’t want that!

Why Do I Get Knee Joint Pain?

Knee Joint Pain

Unfortunately, as we age and progress into adulthood, we encounter problems that leave as doubling over with pain in our knee joint. They will leave us stiff and unable to perform our daily duties and responsibilities. There are various diseases that lead to pain and damage to our knee joints. The most common types include the following: injuries, mechanical problems, arthritis and other problems that cannot be categorized into the previous three.

For injuries, this is when trauma is introduced to the knee joint damaging the parts that are essential in its function. Tearing of the ligaments, which are the fibrous tissue that connects the three bones, can bring this about. Injuries can also come in the form of an irritation in the tendons, a break in the bone, inflammation in the sacs of fluid that surround and lubricate the joint or a torn meniscus or cartilage. All of these injury causes will bring excruciating pain.

Next, for the mechanical problems, we can have an interference of a loose body. This can be likened to a pencil stuck in a door hinge. Mechanical problems can also come in the form of a dislocated kneecap. This can cause you immense pain. If you are having hip and joint pain, the pain might not be in the knees but the altered gait will bring more stress and pressure to the knees causing it to be painful as well. That is another mechanical problem.

For arthritis, this one is the most common among the elders. It consists of more than a hundred types but there are only five types that will most likely affect the knee joint. We have the osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pseudo-gout and septic arthritis. These types have various underlying causes such as being an autoimmune disorder or your common wear-and-tear problem. These will cause you excruciating pain all the same.

For the other problems, there is a common one called the Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, which is the general term used to refer to the pain brought about by the mal-tracking or the wrong positioning of the kneecap. Over the years, bones can also move due to usage and old age and this will cause the mal-tracking. This can be found in both adults and children, especially the athletic and physically active ones.

What is the Best Joint Supplement for Knees?

With all of these possible pains threatening to go between you and your adventures, it is only fitting that you find support for you and ease you in your pain. This is where supplements come in. There are a lot of supplements available in the market right now and Amazon.com offers a wide array of the best knee joint supplements. With their extensive collection, you can be sure that you will be able to find the best product for you and your knee joint pain. Here are five of the top joint supplements available in their collection.

This product is an overall miracle worker. Created by Bradeson Naturals, it improves the overall health of your knee joints by containing the correct mix of ingredients that when put together, will target all of the knee joint parts and their pains.

It brilliantly puts together Glucosamine, which helps keep cartilage in joints healthy. Glucosamine also supports sports injury recovery. This supplement also contains Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which helps support muscles and tendons in the body. Not only that, this product has the all-natural Turmeric, one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories available.

It is a natural back & joint pain reliever and helps to improve digestion and enhance your nervous system. Completing the mix is Chondroitin, which is a substance that occurs naturally in the connective tissues of people and animals. Chondroitin helps reduce pain and increases joint mobility.

Since people of today are extra careful about what goes into their bodies, Bradeson Naturals also created this product without binders, gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, soy and hormones. No harmful chemicals will get into your body. This product is also 100% manufactured in the USA in an FDA Approved facility that is GMP Certified.

This product also contains Turmeric. As Turmeric is a naturally occurring product that Mother Nature has endowed with various useful health benefits, Turmeric has the ability to inhibit enzymes that are the reason why inflammation occurs. Turmeric is also good for alleviating depression, improving memory and lung health, relieving joint pain from arthritis and for treating psoriasis.

The Curcumin in the formula of this supplement has the best ability against inflammation. Various researches were conducted to prove this claim.

It is said that it modulates activity of the genes and the way these genes are expressed. In the creation of this formula, scientists have found out that the extract of Turmeric is useful in influencing100 pathways in our body. It can alter the processes and correct them so it returns back to its normal cycle. There are absolutely no effects that can be considered as negative from this product.

With the help of Bioperine or the black pepper, one is sure that the supplement is well absorbed into the body. This formula also helps customers who want to lose weight. While doing that, this supplement does not divert from its original purpose of relieving the inflammation that brings about the pain in the joints.

The Health Labs Nutra in the United States has produced a remarkable supplement not only for joint paints but for other diseases as well. Abiding strictly to the rules and guidelines implemented by the FDA, they make sure that the products are third-party tested for purity before being released.

If you are familiar with Serrapeptase, you will know that common supplements available in the market contain 20 000-120 000 SU. For this particular formulation, it contains a whooping 80, 000 SU.

This makes sure that the potency is higher hence the result is more efficient and effective. Being a proteolytic enzyme or an enzyme that breaks down proteins, Serrapeptase has the ability to combat inflammation caused by harmful proteins in the portions of your knee where you are feeling pain.

The packaging of the pills is also enhanced. In order to stop the acids that burn away food and anything that you put in your stomach, Health Labs Nutra has created an acid-resistant formulation. This makes sure that the Serrapeptase in your stomach won’t be destroyed. Also, for the vegetarians and the ones practicing Kosher, this product is absolutely safe for you.

This supplement created by EarthWell is another product similar to the first one mentioned. This supplement also contains the three famous substances namely MSM, Glucosamine and of course Chondroitin. These three products will help you in the lubrication and collagen production in your joints. These three substances make sure that your joints do not degrade easily and that the chronic pain felt is relieved.

This product will help you stop the pain brought about by the various knee joint pain causes. Although effective against other diseases, this supplement specifically focuses on relieving pain brought about by diseases such osteoarthritis, inflammation of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis and tendonitis.

Another added factor of this product is that, yes, it might be the same to various products out there containing similar ingredients, but this one makes sure that you and your money are protected. There is a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee and EarthWell also promises world-class customer service to answer the questions of their customers. This unconditional guarantee proves that they are absolutely confident in their product and that they are willing to work and help the clients improve overall joint health as quickly as can be.

Created by a company named Eu Natural, this company has created its product the au naturel way. They have dismissed of all the chemicals that might bring harm to your body. Made specifically for vegetarians, this product consisting of 60 easy-to-swallow soft capsules is sure to make the list of all the people out there trying to combat joint pain without harming themselves. They guarantee customers that there are absolutely no fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients in their brilliant formulation. You cannot find gluten, wheat, or dairy in this supplement.

Primal lubricates cell membranes throughout the body to restore normal joint function. The cell membranes in your cell’s anatomy are responsible for maintaining the integrity and the turgor or the stiffness of the cell. If these are lubricated properly, there is easy contact among and between cells. This will avoid the stiffness and joint that you feel in your knees.

As opposed to covering up the symptoms brought about by knee problems, this product addresses the problem on a cellular level and adequately acts upon it by lubrication.

Not only that, this product also contains Turmeric Curcumin and Boswellia, which were previously discussed in the other products. Again, these products help in combatting the inflammation brought about by the knee complications. With a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure that this product is the absolute solution for your chemical-free way of addressing you knee joint pains.

Choose the Knee Joint Supplement Best Suitable for You

All of these products are available at Amazon.com and if you were not able to find what you needed on the list above, you are free to choose and decide for yourself. You can shop for the supplement yourself and find the best joint supplement for your knee pain. This list only reviews five of all the knee joint pain supplements.

Again, the ones on Amazon’s top list includes Glucosamine MSM Chondroitin Boswellia Quercetin & Turmeric from Bradeson Naturals, Curcumin Extract from Turmeric with Extra Strength 1200 mg with Bioperine (Black Pepper), Serrapeptase for Inflammation, Sinus Issues, Asthma, Arterial Blockage, Joint Pain from Health Labs Nutra, The Best MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Turmeric Joint Heath Supplement from EarthWell and Primal Joint Support and Anti-Inflammatory from Eu Natural. These are the best joint supplement for knees and in no time at all, that pain that you are experiencing will go away.

Always remember to care for your body parts especially if you are not that young anymore. Give extra attention to your knees because they are essential to your day-to-day activities and in your adventures. Who knows, one day the pain might just go away and you might finally be able to climb the beautiful Swiss Alps in Switzerland!

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