The Best Home Gym Equipment to Build Your Personal Gym in 2017


Why is a Home Gym the Best Option for You?

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, not only does it benefit essential bodily functions but it also benefits physical appearance. Although fitness is essential for everyone, some choose to take it a step further and train.

Those who do train know the feeling of a pump after some squats and the sore morning after an intense workout, but they are also far too familiar with the lack of privacy and having to wait to their favorite exercise. A home gym rids of most negatives you may face at a public gym.

Don't get us wrong there are benefits of a public gym such as the ability to socialize with some members and relax on the drive to and from the gym, but that's about it. A home gym allows for you to develop your body at your own pace, utilize the machines in your own way to ensure optimal muscle growth and plan your workouts precisely without worry of other distractions or pauses.

One of the greatest benefits of a home gym is the ability for a beginner or an intermediate person to feel at home in the game from day one. At a home gym, you don't have to worry about other gym mates who may have a better physique than you or the opposite sex hearing you squeeze your last few reps out as you grunt in pain.


The absence of judgment and exposure in a home gym greatly improves the experience and the overall gain from your workouts. This allows beginners who may be uncomfortable with their body or not have correct form as of yet develop and build their confidence until they're happy with their results. This is an issue with beginners who may be overweight or people who are still adjusting to the gym and may have bad form.

The great thing about a home gym is there is no judgment and the workout is the most important. Intermediates are able to focus on a specific body part for as much time as they need without being rushed, this allows for great development giving the extra push to break through a plateau. The ability to position, customize and use a machine in your own custom way can lead to greater muscle growth and be easier on specific joints or body parts.

A home gym gives the user a personalized gym experience, your machines are at your settings, in your position at your weight. A workout plan is an important part of any gym bag it lets you choose when the workout will be, how intense, and how many breaks. This is done all before your workout forcing you to stay committed and get the proper workout.

Another great thing about home gyms is the ability to get an entire workout done in such a small amount of space. Home gyms allow this by combining several different pieces of equipment and mechanisms allowing the user to perform different kinds of movements.

Most think of machines such as the Bowflex when the subject of multi gyms come up, but those are only a small section of the several kinds offered. Some multi-gyms use free weights and body weight, some use tension and others use pulley systems.

All these methods are coupled with the heavy equipment and strong frames making for a very durable centerpiece of equipment. Each kind of multi-gym has its perks and weaknesses, but they all excel in compact workout space.

Free weight multi gyms usually are made to hold weight when it is being cracked or dropped this means that they will be sturdy. Unfortunately, because they are used for free weights there are few obstructions meaning fewer exercises can be done. Multi gym's using tension require no extra free weights this works perfectly because more exercises are able to be done on the one machine.

Unfortunately, tension exercises do feel different than weighted exercises and the bands do wear out after extended use. Pulley multi-gyms are arguably the best because they allow for practical exercises which feel great, many exercises can be performed on them, and they are sturdy so body weight exercises can be done as well.


The downside of this type of equipment is that sturdy frame, those durable pulleys and the built in weights are very expensive. Unfortunately, a public gym can severely damage your workout schedule. This is because anything can happen, there may be traffic on your way to the gym, the gym may be busy forcing you to return at a later time, or maybe all the machines you wanted to use are taken.

These issues are not possible with a home gym and there are never circumstances which can change your workout mood to a not workout mood. A home gym is simply more convenient and a better environment to reach your fitness goals, which is why if you have space and the ability to get a home gym, you should.

What to Look at for the Best Home Gym Equipment:

We've all seen those late night commercials with the fit, healthy looking host, the extremely fit demonstrators in the background, the internal views of how it activates the muscles and it makes you wonder "who do they make those products for?”.

If you didn't know that those hosts have never used the product and reading a script, those demonstrators are hardworking fitness actors and the product doesn't work as well as advertised, now you know.

A home gym isn't for people who are constantly ordering fitness exercise gimmicks off infomercials, it's for those women and men who continue to stay dedicated to reaching their goals and continue to push. Those who look at working out as meditation a deeper connection between muscles and mind, a way to grow your body is an extremely positive way, are always looking to find their sanctuary.

However not all shrines are made the same and not all shrines for everyone, what this means is not all equipment is for everyone. One thing about building a home gym, similarly to when buying a new car or home, is the immense amount of research that must go into it months before the start of construction.

One thing to remember when building a home gym is money isn't everything you can find many quality equipment on sale or used by just keeping an eye out this is why research is so important.

The first thing you must do is find a training space this can be a basement, garage, storage unit anything can work. The most important thing when a building is your space is how you make it your own which can be simple additions such as speakers, posters or even putting a TV in the middle of the room.

Barbell and Weights


After you are content with your space it's time to focus on the equipment to get and which ones to get first. The first and most important pieces of equipment to get, whether you're a man or a woman is a barbell and weights these are the best home gym equipment.

All mass building compound movements can be done with a barbell and free weights. Free weights also allow you to build muscle stability and workout muscle imbalances. In addition, weights allow users from any strength level to use the same equipment.

When searching for barbells you'll mostly come across standard barbells and Olympic. Standard barbells can hold around 200 pounds and will bend beyond that. Olympic barbells are the ones used in most gyms, they are a little thicker than standard and can hold over a 1000 pounds. Standard barbells are not recommended because they will become useless after a few months of working out.

Weights are also very important because they allow you to adjust intensity and load of the workout. These can often be found on sales sometimes less than 50 cents a pound.

Another important piece of equipment is a bench, these are useful for exercises where you sit or lay down. Something to always keep in mind is getting a bench with right weight capacity, it’s important for your bench to be able to support you on big lifts. Also, benches can be built with wood if you have the ability to build it safely.

Power Racks


Power racks are also essential to a home gym, they allow for more safety on heavier lifts. This piece of equipment is often the most customizable many different exercises for muscles across the entire body can be done on a power rack. It also adds a whole new element of safety to your gym experience you can now rack the barbell during squats or bench press.

There are various different kinds of racks most will differ in things such as hole spacing, strength, and dimensions. Hole spacing is the space between each rack for better height adjustment. The strength of the rack which determines how much load it can carry. Dimensions also differ from rack to rack, it's used to determine how much space is inside the rack and how much space the rack takes up.

Accessories also come with some power rack, some include bars which can be detached and attached to perform triceps dips. Most racks also come with handles at the top for pull-ups.



Dumbbells are great at targeting specific muscles while working on stability. Dumbbells allow you to hit certain body parts harder with the lower weight which builds conditioning. However, there are two types of dumb bells fixed weight and plate-loadable these both have their pros and cons. Fixed dumbbells are great because you never have to add or remove weight which can be a pain during an intense workout. Some also say they feel more stable and are safer.

The cons of fixed dumbbells are the price and space they may take up. A dumb bell rack and a set of dumb bells up to 50 pounds can cost over $500 dollars easily and even the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are overpriced for what they offer. Not only do individual dumbbells cost a lot of money they take up a lot of space.

These are more luxury items when it comes to a home gym not many people continually build their dumb bell collection. Plate loadable weight dumbbells take up much less space than fixed dumbbells and are much cheaper in the long run.

The great thing about these dumbbells is you can find the weight for them anywhere from second-hand stores to garage sales at great prices as well. These dumbbells, however, are inconvenient for droplets and can be a pain to constantly adjust the weight.

Also, the weight may get slightly uncomfortable when too much weight is added. On the other hand, if heavy dumbbell exercises are your focus you must get fixed dumbbells because you can't load plate loadable dumbbells with too much weight.


Platforms are one of the most important pieces of equipment; flooring in your home gym will protect the floor and dampen the noise from the weights when hitting the ground.

These are the things to look at and for when looking for the best home gym equipment.

What are the Best Options for Home Gym Equipment?

If you are looking for the best multi-gym available, you will have to check out our article here. In this article, I am going over what the best pieces of equipment for your home gym are. So, using one, or a combination of these options will help you to build an all-inclusive, strength-training home gym. Keep your eye out for new pieces that you can add to your personal gym, because you can find great deals everywhere. But without further ado, here are the pieces that I find to be the best for home gym equipment, which you can purchase from Amazon.

1. Marcy Diamond Mid-Width Bench and 100-Pound Weight Set

This set comes with several pieces of equipment that are essential to building a home gym. A bench is one of the best home gym equipment which can be used for several chest exercises such as bench press, back exercises like rows, strict curls for biceps and dips for triceps the list goes on.

The great thing about this set is it allows you to adjust the incline of the bench to allow for incline or flat exercises. This opens an opportunity to much more exercises. The seat and back pads are high density meaning it can hold your weight and additional weight on heavy lifts.

This is important so that you are not worrying about balancing yourself during the lift, the bench should always be able to support you and not be swaying side to side. A total leg developer which targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes are included giving the user to condition their legs. The stands are heavy-duty square tubing which is fixed upright with a 30-inch crutch this allows for increased stability.

Along with the bench is 100 pounds of weight which are a great start to a home gym, of course, more weight has to be added to the gym in the future. 100 pounds can be sufficient for plenty of workouts and is more than most sets will offer. The overall steel frame of the bench is strong allowing around 300 pounds which will be enough until you get a heavyweight bench.

This product does come with a bar that is sufficient for most arm exercises and light rows, but not for squats or bench press. It is important not to use these bars for anything else as they are very weak and will most likely bend and damage.

Deadlifts can also be performed the frame helps to keep the weight and lifter aligned. The bar is quite small and weak but will work until a new bar is purchased for your home gym. This bench is good for beginners because of the great value and the small footprint. It's a great product to get if you're still not sure where your home gym will go.

The easy assembly is also a positive because this will most likely be one of the first pieces of equipment. The overall bench is moderately strong, however. This bench cannot be used for extreme lifting but is great for a starter piece of equipment which can be used throughout the duration of the home gym.

The barbell is very weak and should not be used for extreme lifting at all, but it can still be used. This bench comes with an immense amount of value, but you get what you pay for. The equipment is not cheap, but it isn't strong either.

This is a great piece of equipment you would want to get if you only have a few other pieces of gym equipment or you need some weight and a new bar for arm exercises nonetheless it is one of the best home exercise machines online.


Floor mats are used to protecting your floor from being damaged and reduce noise when working out these are considered to be the some of the best home gym equipment. The CAP BARBELL PUZZLE MAT are great workout mats with great value.

These are the ideal way to protect your floors, these maps are high density so they absorb a lot of force. A mesh pattern is on the mats this not only makes them looks great but adds grip to the floor as well. The foam mats are easy to clean and are naturally mold and mildew resistant.

The mats are sold in packs of six for a total of 24 square feet when they're all together. The mat itself is 0.5 inches thick this makes it easy enough to assemble and move. The dimensions of each individual mat are 24 inch X 24 inch X 1/2 Inch these mats can also be used for other things such as a pad for a washing machine.

The underside of the mat is soft and uniform which means the weight is distributed evenly across the ground underneath. Although the rubber is adequate as pads for gum equipment it may not be strong enough to protect the ground underneath.

If these mats are placed over a cement floor, the floor will be fine, but if dropping the weights during deadlifts over a laminate floor it may cause damage. The mats, however, work fine over the carpet.

Overall if you are looking for a mat that can be used as padding for your workout area this will work. Although it won't provide the maximum protection it will perform adequate noise reduction and protection.

The biggest downside of this mat is the weak interlocking between the other mats. With a little force, the mats can be separated if you plan on using the mats in a specific area and not moving them it's advised to glue them together.

These puzzle mats are priced per pack, these can be quite useful for a developing home gym.

3. Soozier Adjustable Power Squat Rack - Strength Training – Fitness - Pull Up Weight Home Gym

Steel Back Squat Racks are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to home gym equipment. Due to the fact that you will be training privately, you need something to hold the weight in between sets in the right place.

The Soozier allows just that while adding some more exercises in the mix. The squat rack is made of high-quality steel pipe to create the horizontal stands, vertical rods, and the pull-up bar. This build is stable and durable, it can last for quite a long time. The overall dimensions of the squat rack are 49.6" X 24.3"H and the distance between holes is 1.97".

This is a good distance between holes because it allows for people of all sizes and heights to use the rack. The adjustable height is 11.8" to 84.4" inches, this means that this can be used rows all the way to squats. The power rack only weighs 86lbs but can hold up to 330 lbs this gives the rack lightweight portable feelings to it and it allows it to be easy workout equipment for home.

A pull-up bar is also built in which is always a great addition to a rack. For the price of this power rack, it is the top of the line, it offers everything you need to build your home gym while giving the ability to perform easy exercises at home.

The assembly was quite straightforward and easy to follow which is always great with such a big item. Nothing is disappointing about this set, with a simple set such as this one that is essential. The pull-up bar is great and can hold body weights of 300 pounds and less.

The overall product is well made and feels durable and strong with the steel material used. With this power rack, you get what you see, which is one of the best home multi gym experiences.

4. Cap Barbell Solid Chrome Bar

This is an essential piece of equipment if you plan on taking your home gym serious and is often referred to as the most essential and best home exercise equipment. The Cap Barbell Solid Chrome Bar is not only impressive for its price, but it's better than some public gym barbells.

Three different barbells are offered to range from $60 - $84, they are the 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet. All three barbells are good but are different in size and weight capacity. The 5 feet barbell has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The bar is short and will not fit an Olympic bench, it also comes with a chrome finish. This bar is best for arm exercises, shoulder exercises and some back exercises. This is not the ideal bar for a primary home gym barbell and should be bought after a primary barbell is purchased.

The 6 feet barbell has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and cannot fit an Olympic bench. This bar has a chromed finish with great grip. This is the least practical barbell to get out of the three because it is quite wide for arm exercises, but still cannot fit on an Olympic bench.

The 7 feet barbell has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and a chrome finish. One thing to keep in mind about this bar is the weight, it is advertised at weighing 45 lbs, but the actual weight is around 39 lbs. This is a problem when trying set PR's because the user believes it's a certain weight which it isn't.

Overall these bars are great quality and almost identical to what you'd see in a gym. Other than the Olympic bar not being 45 lbs it is perfect and fantastic value for the price. These bars are also quite durable and can take a lot of weight with no issues. The Cap Barbells offer a professional feel with a discounted price.

5. US SET W/ DUMBBELLS, 105-Pound

This is a simple barbell and weight set offering the essentials barbell, weights, dumbbells, and clips. The US Weight Set includes 105-pounds. The weight includes is 2 twenty pound weights, 4 ten-pound weights, four 5lbs weights, six spring clips and 2 dumbbell bars.

Each weight is coated and rust resistant with great because they can be stored for long and are easy on floors. A 55" heavy duty bar is also included, it weighs four pounds with nonslip grips. This set is not really a set to start off your home gym, but to add to it.

The two dumbbells, weights, spring locks are essential to your home gym. These are great for direct movements and not compound movements. It's always good to have a mix-up of the two to shock your muscles and continue to grow. This allows you to easily separate your home gym to compound movement equipment to non-compound movement equipment this saves a lot of money.

Most of the value of this set comes from its weight the overall set is not good for training especially if it's your first piece of equipment. The bar is short and weak and not a lot of weight can be loaded onto it, if you are an experienced lifter this is not very useful for you.

Summary of Home Gym Equipment

Each product is great value for an addition to a home gym, but some are better than others.

The US set weight of dumbbells has great value but does not have any potential to start a home gym. This product is best bought as additions to a home gym and be used for extra dumbbells, extra weight, extra locks and an extra bar for bicep curls.

The Cap Barbells are another great addition to a home gym. These barbells bring a professional quality and feel to your home gym. These are essential to perform heavy lifts such as deadlifts, bench press, and squats. However these barbells cannot be used as a primary piece of gym equipment, but just a primary barbell.

The Soozier squat rack acts as a center console for your home gym. Bench press, squats, rows, pull-ups a variety of exercises can be performed using the power rack. The power rack also adds a new level of safety in a home gym.

The Soozier Adjustable rack offers all the features a commercial rack would offer, which gives it a great value. However, It's not enough to solely build a home gym, but definitely, a piece of equipment to get as soon as possible.

The Cap Barbell Mat is an affordable gym mat that does what it's supposed to do. Gym mats are essential to a home gym, every gym needs it these mats offer the floor protection and noise reduction that most look for. These mats are not the most quality mats and are better used for stationary padding rather than being constantly moved.

One honorable mention is the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym, this is a sturdy piece of equipment with many exercises packed into it. An affordable but quality experience is given due to its impressive 300-pound weight maximum.

Over 30 strength exercises can be performed in the machine as well as rowing movements. The Bowflex allows you to fit many exercises into one small space using tension and pulleys for weights. The exercises provided are expectable and are a great addition for starting home gyms, however not the best.

In Conclusion – The Best Home Gym Equipment Is:

The Marcy Diamond Mid-Width Bench and 100-Pound Weight Set is the best piece of gym equipment on the list because of its various uses, great potential to start a home gym and value. It allows for flat bench exercises, inclines bench exercises and leg exercises, this allows for tens of exercises to be performed on one piece of equipment. The set includes an adjustable bench, bar, and weights, this gives the user the ability to grow a home gym because many pieces of essential equipment are included in the set. The price for the amount of equipment received is great and affordable for most who are looking to build a home gym.

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