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The Best Diet Supplements for Weight-loss & Nutrition

We all know how it sucks when you are hitting the gym daily and eat healthy balanced diets but still can’t get those stubborn extra pounds off your body! That is precisely the reason why my team and I had to find out what the best weight loss supplements are for you.

However, to say these dietary supplements will work for everybody will be pretty arrogant of me. Worry not, my pride isn’t that big! These slim dietary supplements that we will be presenting to you have helped many people shed that extra fat.

But if you are looking for a substitute to your daily workouts and proper balanced diet, just stop reading this article now. It may not be of help to you. Reason being that it's just impossible. But here is my list of the best diet supplements available:

This Is Why You Should Take Diet Supplements:

To help you reduce your appetite – The more the appetite, the more the calories you consume. So, these supplements should enable you feel full longer. As a result, you will consume fewer calories.

To speed up fat burning – meaning that your body will be burning more calories instead of converting them into fats and storing them in the body. Slowing down the rate of nutrients absorption is another vital reason to take diet supplements.

This implies that the best dietary supplement should be able to help you achieve the reasons above. If you are reading this article right now, in one way or the other you are not satisfied with the supplement you are already using. Or, perhaps you have never used any and you need some assistance in selecting the best one for you. It could also be that you are here for general knowledge or on behalf of a loved one. For whatever the reason, the good thing is you are on the right track!


However, it is important to mention that consulting a healthcare provider before starting on any dietary supplement is a good idea.

Now, this is not to mean that our suggested diet supplements cannot give you good results. All we are saying is that your health care provider can help you select one that is appropriate for you depending on your health and the special needs of your body.

What You Should Know About Dietary Supplement for Weight Management:

- These fat burners should never be used to replace a healthy diet.

- However, dietary supplements for weight loss can be used as a meal replacement. In this case…

- These weight loss supplements MUST be incorporated in a lifestyle that includes calorie-controlled diets plus regular exercises.

Having said that, I’ll now take you through the 5 top rated diet supplements. Whatever you do to improve your concentration, do it now. The reason is because we are going to dig our teeth into their effectiveness, tastes, and results amongst other things, based on the facts presented by the users. Sounds great, right? Well it’s greater than it sounds…

#1. Paleo Trim All Natural Weight Loss Pills w/ Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, Acai, Green Tea, And More

Here at Diet Plan Pros, our goal is to provide you with relevant information and tips regarding diet pills so that you can take control of your health is a responsible manner. The subject of diet pills allows us to really emphasize this point. With Paleo Trims all natural weight loss formula, you can be assured that the components used within this supplement are sound in nutrition and backed up by weight-loss data demonstrating their effectiveness.

Not only are acai, green tea, kelp, grapefruit, and apple cider vinegar food based ingredients, they have all been shown to promote natural weight loss. Paleo Trim has even gone a step further to include African Mango and Rasberry Ketones which have also shown promise as all natural diet supplements. This delicate blend of weight loss ingredients has been formulated to provide a safe and effective solution to boosting weight loss.

Potential Concerns about ALL Weight Loss Supplements:

Of course, like all of the diet supplements we're reviewing, these pills are intended to be taken as part of a sound diet and exercise program and are only intended to be used responsibly.

#2. Bio Fusion Potent and Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid Weight Loss Pills (CLA)

Potent And Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid is second best on our review round up this time. It is one amongst the best diet pills that actually work.

Here is the most interesting thing that customers say about Conjugated Linoleic Acid…

Do not get me wrong, I don’t mean to be rude but if you are a foodie, then you may consider trying this product. Customers say it leads to fast metabolism therefore lowering the risk of gaining more wait.

It will really break my heart if you go about just eating and taking this dietary supplement. This is because the amount of fats that will accumulate around your belly is nothing to smile about.

What do I mean?

Conjugated linoleic Acid (CLA) pill is not a magic bean! So, just like all other dietary supplements, exercise and a healthy diet must go hand in hand with their administration in order to achieve good results.

There have been trusted claims from a majority of customers that Conjugated Linoleic Acid does not make one sick like other fat burners.

Instead, it gives you such a good feeling soon after you begin to take it. I would take this as an indication that it is indeed working on your body and trust me, nothing feels better than knowing that you got the right thing with you.

The other thing you need to know about CLA is that it is a great appetite suppressant.


If your appetite is decreased, it means that you will unconsciously begin to take in less food than you’re used to. If you are careful to take balanced diets, this makes things even better for you.


It is because a healthy diet means less calorie intake. As a result, there will be less or no excess fat to store aimlessly around your belly.

Well, I hope we know by now how critical workouts are in the efforts to achieve a leaner body.

Do not misunderstand; we are not by any means talking about being unreasonably thin. If becoming weirdly skinny was your ambition, I’m afraid you landed on the wrong site.

Here is the deal…

Our recommended dietary supplements are meant to help those who want to get rid of extra pounds by burning those annoying stubborn fats. This will help them achieve their fitness goals and eventually become the best of their selves. We do not in any way intend to turn you into a fitness nightmare!

One more thing you should know is that Conjugated linoleic Acid is indeed effective. However,

it all depends on the amount of efforts you put to it. Some users have found it to deliver considerable results after a week of taking it, others after two weeks and so on. A good number of customers have reported a loss of 2 to 3lbs in just a week!

Potential Concerns about CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):

There have been complaints of dizziness in the first week after taking CLA. However, this has been noted in just a very small percentage of users.

These users, however, admit that it is just a minor side effect and that they do not regret having bought the product.

They say the results are satisfying and they could buy the product over and over again.

​Bottom line

Potent and Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid Weight Loss Pills are the second best popular diet supplements in our review round up this time. They are indeed effective with less side effects. The best part of it is that they are inexpensive considering their high quality and effectiveness.

#3. Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss by Bio Sense

Forskolin extract emerged number three in this round up.

This is not to mean that it is less effective. As I said earlier, we arranged this dietary supplement according to their popularity.

If you want to try a new product that is equally effective, then Forskolin extract is the thing to consider.

In fact, Forskolin Extract may be the best nutrition supplement. Users have recorded a great satisfaction on its taste. From the customer reviews, this product does not cause ill feelings; no stomach upset, no nausea, and no vomiting!

What’s more?

Forskolin extract is super great appetite suppressant. If you are struggling and wondering how you can stop the crazy eating as a result of stress, then worry no more. You just need a bottle of Forskolin Extract and you are good to go.

As I said earlier and I’ll say it again because I feel it is critical, you must have the determination and must be willing to dedicate yourself to regular workout routines and proper diets.

This will help you achieve greater results and in a short period of time. How effective is Forskolin?

The truth is Forskolin is effective. Users have registered a tremendous improvement on their body mass.

Potential Concerns about Forskolin Extract:

Forskolin Extract is not as popular as the already discussed dietary supplements.

For that reason, it is quite difficult to give a comprehensive conclusion about its side effects.

This is because customer turn up in the reviews is very low. Nevertheless, the few users who gave feedback left very positive comments as an indication that the product is a seemingly good one.

Bottom Line

Forskolin Extract is one amongst the best belly blaster supplements. Users have shown satisfaction with the product and they do not feel mislead by purchasing it. It is a good appetite suppressant and a muscle builder. From the reviews on Forskolin, there are no notable side effects; no stomach issues, nausea, or dizziness recorded. From what users say, Forskolin definitely works.

#4. Pure Raspberry Ketones 500mg

Now, Pure Raspberry is yet another super good fat burner.

In fact, it is just as good as Forskolin Extract. So, if there was something like “tying” numbers, you can bet your bottom I would have done that right at number three. But don’t get me wrong, I did not say they are identical…

This is going to interest you…

If your problem with dietary supplements is their taste, I understand you. But you may want to try out Pure Raspberry. It is true I have been analyzing the best fat burners too much but honestly, when it comes to tastes, Raspberry wins!

The reason why Raspberry wins is because the users have shown the greatest satisfaction on its taste. Well, that is not the only thing…

Pure Raspberry ketones have been found to be undeniably energizing. Customers say that with this product, you are able to increase your workout time. And guess what?

When you are done with your lengthened workout, you’ll find that you still have more energy left!

Now, the most amazing thing is the feeling that comes with Raspberry.

Users say that they never felt so fit and light before. And I believe them because a great friend of mine had mentioned about such a beautiful feeling upon using Pure Raspberry. You should give it a try, too.

This “slim diet supplement” as they call it is known by its users to be a wonderful appetite suppressant. I see you don’t get this whole thing about appetite being suppressed…

I’ll try to say this as plainly as I can…

What I’m talking about is someone who takes 5 meals a day reducing it to 3 times a day without increasing the potion. I’m literally speaking about a person who was stuck on greasy foods like super glue, then finally being able to cut down on these unhealthy cravings. Still don’t get it?

Look, it is all about someone who’s been using food as a release from stress eventually being able to divert the attention from eating unreasonably to healthy activities such as exercises. All of this in courtesy of Pure Raspberry Ketones!

Like we have already said before, decreased appetite accompanied with healthy diet will help you cut on calorie intake.

Then, naturally and automatically, you will begin to burn fats and it will be the beginning of your fitness journey.

Raspberry, like our recommended best slim diet supplements, is a muscle builder. Accompanied with proper and regular workout routines, you are sure to achieve a much leaner and toned physique.

The good thing is that with this product, your endurance is enhanced. Users have recorded a great improvement in the performance of their daily activities, which is an addition to the benefits of using Raspberry.

The other thing is that Pure Raspberry has been found to have digestive benefits: this includes a fast metabolism.

This ensures proper bowel movements, reducing the risk of adding weight due to poor absorption of nutrients. Hold on for a little minute…

I've yet to tell you about its effectiveness…

Raspberry surely works out! How did I know?

Customers have recorded weight loss of as much as 5 kilos in just two weeks! How about that?

However, don’t ever forget what we said earlier, the amount of weight you lose in a given period of time will largely depend on your inner motivation.

Potential Concerns about Pure Raspberry Ketones 500mg:

Just like Forskolin Extract, Pure Raspberry has not been as popular yet.

For this reason, it is hard to produce comprehensive records of its side effects.

However, from what users say, this product does not cause any notable side effects.

They also show satisfaction with its results and they do not feel misled by the manufacturer’s information. Customers feel that the product is pretty good and thus they recommend it.

Bottom Line

Pure Raspberry is ranked number four on our review round up. From what users say, it is a good appetite suppressant, a super-great energizer and has no notable side effects. Additionally, Raspberry is a muscle builder recommended for anyone seeking to achieve a toned physique. It is also a good feeling enhancer and endurance improver. Users recorded a great level of effectiveness associated to the product too. From what they say, one is able to realize reasonable weight loss within 2 to 3 weeks of using it.

#5. Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract

Finally, in our review round up we have Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract amongst the best fat burners on the market.

Coffee bean extract is inexpensive to produce, so it is cheap to buy and won't break the bank.

Are you are sick and tired, probably feeling that you cannot take anymore insults from your friends? Are you always getting annoyed when you look yourself in the mirror? Do you always imagine how you would look if only you lost that stubborn fat around your belly? Or do you perhaps wonder how it would feel like if you lost just a few darn extra pounds from your body?

Well, other people were feeling exactly like you do. You know what they did?

They willingly took the risk of trying Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract even though they were skeptical about it at first. This is what they say…

Natural Green coffee does not cause anxiety or jittery feelings like other diet supplements do. Interestingly,

This product is as natural as it sounds. For this reason, users recommend it to friends and readers as they find it super safe health wise. Actually, that is not what gives them all this confidence…

The reason why they trust its effectiveness partially comes from the fact that it is doctor recommended. Other than that…

Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is a super powerful energizer! This makes burning stubborn fats as well as losing extra pounds much easier and effortless. Do not misunderstand, let me explain…

By effortless, I’m not in any way suggesting that you can now take your diet supplement and your healthy diet and then sit to relax.

No, I just mean that when you are energized, you can easily get through your daily workouts. Actually, please interpret it to mean that you can now increase your workout time.

The other thing that you should know about Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is that…

It is a super great boost to your metabolism. As we have always said, this betters bowel movements, minimizing the risk of weight gain.

Natural Green Coffee is very effective. Users have recorded great weight loss in short periods of time ranging from 3 to 4 weeks. And this far, we should be able to understand why. But if you forget, or if you were not paying attention when I explained it, then here is the reason…

The amount of weight loss is entirely dependent on the amount of effort you dedicate to the whole process. This includes your inner-most motivations and your dedication to regular exercise alongside a healthy diet.

Potential Concerns about Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract:

- There has been a concern from some users about a bad taste.

This is largely associated with the fact that the product has pure and natural extracts of Arabica green coffee beans.

Nevertheless, users agree that the bad taste is tolerable given the good results that accompany it.

- The other concern is bitterness.

Some users feel that Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is bitter but also tolerable.

- Issue of popularity.

From our analysis based on the numbers in reviews, the product is not as popular yet. However, this does not mean it is not good.

From the few reviews we found, Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is as good as any other dietary supplement you know of. The only difference is that:

You have not given it a try and I guess trying out new products is always good if you seek to achieve different results.

Bottom Line: Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is the last product in this review round up. It is however as good as any other and it’s worth trying. From what users say, it is a great appetite suppressant and a good energizer. With it, there is no feeling of anxiety, no jittery feelings, and no stomach problems. In fact, most doctors recommend it. The only concerns are bitterness and a bad taste which users admit to being tolerable. Green Coffee Bean Extract is deemed effective by customers, delivering results in short periods of time.

A Brief Summary on the Best Diet Supplements

The Paleo Trim all natural weight loss supplement is likely the best product on our list. It's thorough blend of plant based ingredients provide nutrition specific to losing weight. Furthermore, when deciding on any supplement, especially diet pills, ensuring the ingredients used are well-known and all-natural is vitally important.

Another product we mentioned is CLA. This naturally occurring fatty acid is an excellent choice for weight loss having shown some promising results in studies as well as user experiences.

We also discussed Forskolin Extract, a trusted fat burner and our number three. While this all natural weight loss supplement has not been shown to directly impact weight loss, it has been shown to inhibit weight gain safely and most importantly, naturally.

Users find Forskolin to be energizing and a great muscle builder. It is not as popular as we would have assumed but it is certainly among the most well-demonstrated diet supplements that work.

Another dietary supplement to consider is Pure Raspberry Ketones 500gm. It is as good as Forskolin but with an enhanced good and light feeling.

Alternatively, you may choose to go for the Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract. Only go for this one if you can put up with a tolerable bad and bitter taste. However,

A super great healthy diet and regular workout routines with Natural Green Coffee Bean is very effective if you are looking to achieve a much leaner physique.

The product is doctor recommended, too. So, if you are one who is attracted by a good reputation like I am, then Green Coffee Bean is your thing.


I’m hoping that our recommended diet supplements are going to help you. I’m not one who loves to tell you the truth but I will try to be as honest with you as I can…

As much as we want to help you regain your fitness or perhaps achieve fitness goals you’ve never achieved before, the best we can do is make it easier for you to select the best slim diet supplements.

Maybe we can also provide some quality additional information and suggestions on the products, as well as the best workout routines.

However, goal achievement entirely depends on you as an individual. How determined you are and how much effort will you put in?

Always remember to be yourself. Do not aim to become another person; your friend, that stranger you met at the party, a movie star… You may never become that. Remember…

Your greatest competitor is that person you were yesterday. Ideally, what you want to achieve is the Best Version of Your Self and not a photocopy of someone else.

The other thing is…

Our recommended products are the best diet supplements. However,

They should never be used to replace healthy diets.

Important still, our information here is trustworthy, produced with honesty and free from bias. In fact, any supportive information on any diet supplement on this article is coming straight from users’ genuine experiences.

However, it should never be taken as a replacement for a doctor’s advice. It is important that any side effect like vomiting, uncontrollable dizziness, nausea, unbearable stomach upsets, amongst others be reported to a health care provider immediately. Why?

It could be that you did not buy the appropriate thing for your body. It could also be a manufacturer’s negligence or it could be that what you bought is an imitation of the real thing.

For this reason, it is advisable to always buy dietary supplements from reputable distributors.

Finally, do not be mad at yourself if you do not achieve your goals as quickly as you want. Change does not happen overnight. Sometimes we will be required to practice perseverance and persistence in order to achieve desirable results.

Similarly, do not try to compare your performance with a particular product to your friend’s performance. The truth is…

Our bodies are different and will respond differently to a certain product. If a particular dietary supplement does not work for you, do not be afraid to try out a different one.

Our general fitness rule: Best diet supplements + regular workout routines + healthy balanced diets = a leaner, toned, and healthier physique.

Having said that:

It is your turn now. You just got our preferred best diet supplements. The other thing you need is your body and I’m glad you have that already!

But some of us will always have an excuse. I know they are already telling me, “But we do not have a gym card...we work late, we do not have time to go to the gym. Our local gym/fitness center is too expensive for me.”

To tell you the truth…

I’m not the best person but please… I’m not one to leave you with all these unanswered questions in mind. To do that would be equal to not presenting to you the world’s best slim diet supplements.

Well, if you are reading aloud please lower your voice; I do not want to be condemned for telling you this…

You don’t need a gym… there are body workouts that require just you and your body and you can do them in your kitchen, sitting room, next to your bed, or anywhere you deem right for you! The good thing is…

No equipment is needed, no apparatus, no anything but yourself. I’m talking about things like…

Push-ups, seated dips, stretch, squats, and so on. Do not underestimate jogging and dancing as they are good challenges, too.

I wish you all the best in your fitness journey. Remember everything we’ve said is important. We’ve got good things coming up in our future articles so just keep visiting our site from time to time. Never forget this:

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

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