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The Best Supplements for Joint Pain & Inflammation

Joint pain is one of the most common physical ailments among athletes and older people, it is not only a bothering condition, but also creates limits to our training and daily activities. Joint health is affected by the daily stress on the articulations, which may vary from person to person, depending on his or her age and level of physical activity. However, regardless of any factor, anyone is able to maintain strong and healthy joints that will not act as limiting agents. A moderate amount of exercise along with correct nutrition and the right supplements will do great work in preventing joint disease and easing up joint pain.

The Best Supplements for Joint Pain & Inflammation

The joints are mobile areas where two or more different bones encounter. They have cushion-like structures that avoid friction and wear down, they are usually covered with lubricating liquid, and the bones are joint together with fibrous tissue called ligaments, and tendons that provide movement along with the muscles. 

Joints are an essential part of the human body. These structures are specially designed to allow the movement of the limbs in a very wide range without limitation or wear down. Many other body movements are also performed with the aid of joints, and we may not be aware of many, such as the movement of our ribs when we take a deep breath. However, joints are also delicate and fragile, and minor infection can cause a lot of discomfort and restrict joint movements. Inflammation as a result of repetitive movements over a long period of time can cause joint pain. The different symptoms related to joint health depends on the affected area, including also joint tenderness, swelling, stiffness, and different types of pain. These symptoms often limit out daily activities, let alone the performance of high-intensity sports.

The Best Supplements for Joint Pain & Inflammation

Any medication or supplement for joint pain should provide efficient relief from the previously listed symptoms. These supplements should promote smooth movement by treating the cause of the problem, and not only muting down the symptom for a few hours.

The best supplements for joint pain and inflammation are made up of plant-based compounds with effective anti-inflammatory properties. These supplements can control the pain caused by the destruction of tissues, repair joint structures, and restore the normal amount of joint fluids necessary for the effective movement of the joints. The best supplements for joint pain and inflammation also deals with the infection of different microorganisms that can affect the joints, thus preventing bacterial, fungal and viral conditions.

There is a wide choice of supplements for joint pain that are accessible in today's health sector. They come in liquid content, manufactured medications, and natural supplements. Painkillers are usually the main priority, but they offer a short-term solution, and the pain returns at any point. For this reason, we have created a list of the best supplements, chosen especially to relieve joint pain and inflammation.

The top 5 best supplement for joint pain and inflammation include:

Glucosamine is an amino acid that is produced in the body naturally and is used by the body to create and repair cartilage. But as people get older, levels of glucosamine drop, leading to the gradual breakdown of the joints. Treatment of joints with glucosamine is based on the idea that oral consumption of the substance may increase the rate of formation of new cartilage by providing the essential building blocks. Basically, glucosamine preserves the joint cartilage and the cushion-like tissues that protects the bones, which is especially important for your hips and knees. 

The combinations of chondroitin and glucosamine supplements are readily available. Chondroitin is a large protein that provides more elasticity to the cartilage and providing both supplements at the same time is always a good idea when the main problem of the articulations resides on the cartilage.

The recommended dose of glucosamine is 1500 milligrams a day for one to two months. Ongoing treatment is often continued if the results are favorable. Glucosamine is safe despite mild side effects on high doses, that include an upset stomach, drowsiness, headache, and heartburns.

Made to offer all-natural relief from stiffness and joint pain, the Synotrex joint formula provides a spectrum of joint-related nutrients to support connective tissue growth and repair. This includes a special formula of ingredients that have all been shown to support various aspects of joint health such as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, boswellia, msm, and ginger. As a result, this is a great supplement for joint stiffness and pain. This oil strengthens the tissue of the bones as well as the muscular system, providing an easier movement of the limbs.

This powerful formulation may heal a number of joint issues related to the shoulders, back, knees, hips, muscles, etc.. Almost all of the ingredients used in for this oil are active against inflammation with a wide spectrum of valuable vitamins and minerals from powerful herbs specific to reducing joint pain and stiffness.

Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic form of sulfur found naturally in some plants as well as different foods and beverages. Sulfur is strongly associated with the growth and repair of connective tissues in the body and MSM presents a usable form for supplementary use. Other health benefits such as increased energy and better digestion have been reported yet, MSM is among the best supplements for joint pain and inflammation and is highly regarded to promote healthy tissues. MSM has not undergone any significant testing to support its use such as glucosamine and chondroitin, but there are still many positive experiences on the practice.

Specifically, MSM has been reported to protect the muscles and articulations from oxidative stress damage that results from high-intensity exercise. This is said to be a result of MSM's ability to support the bodys ability to produce glutathione, a naturally occuring, powerful antioxidant. The published trials of MSM on humans do not report any mild side effects on the short-term, though there is no data on its long-term effects. Although, interestingly, MSM is said to be completely non-toxic or in specific terms, "as toxic as water." 

Hyaluronic acid is a "jelly like," hydrophilic or "water loving" substance that is present naturally throughout the body's tissues. High concentrations are found within the joints, eyes and skin. Essentially, hyaluronic acid is found in the areas of the body where protection is needed. Regarding the hydrophilic nature of this substance, it is important to consider the significant role that water plays in the body's physiology and the positive effect that hyaluronic has on waters ability to reach all of the body's cells. In light of this, hyaluronic acid has been shown to alleviate joint discomfort, improve skin, boost energy and even promote longevity.

Hyaluronic acid is a good choice as a best supplement for joint pain because it aids the body's ability to cushion and lubricate the joints and its adjoining connective tissues, preventing and reversing stiffness and pain associated with the joints. In all, hyaluronic acid works as a lubricant and a cushion in the joints and adjacent tissues, thus enhances the way the body responds to injuries.

Turmeric has long been known for its medicinal properties. Only as of recently has this super food gained mainstream attention for its ability to reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, alleviate allergies, boost energy and improve digestion among others.

Traditionally used as a spice in eastern food dishes, turmeric contains a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants and fiber. Interestingly, the bio-availability or effectiveness of turmeric has been shown to be greatly increased when consumed along with black pepper. Renew Actives Turmeric with Piperine combines both turmeric and black pepper (piperine) to offer an all-in-one health enhancing product.


Joints are very important parts of the human body, as they allow the body to move and allow the performance of many different types of activities. When joints become painful and inflamed, the patient cannot perform his daily activities, and it is also a limiting factor for athletes. The best supplements for joint pain are the ones that provides relief from discomfort and inflammation by treating the root cause of the problem.

Different types of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to provide relief. These medications are important for the correct treatment of joint problems, but they are not always effective to treat the source of the problem, and sometimes have side effects. The effects of these painkillers stay for a short time and after that the joint pain and inflammation comes back again. The best supplement for joint pain does not only provide temporary relief from discomfort and inflammation, but is also capable of improving the joint's health and functioning.

The Synotrex all-natural joint formula contains many natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients in an effort to provide joint support as well as relief from joint discomfort. These capsules improve joint health by assisting the body in repairing damaged cartilage and preventing wear and tear. In addition, the phytochemicals (natural active compounds) present nourish and support the connective tissues and muscles of the body. This results in improved blood flow to the joint and provides specific, important nutrients. For the above reasons, the Synotrex joint formula is recommended as the best supplement for joint inflammation.

Additionally, the experience and testimonials of many users supports the opinion that Hyaluronic acid is the best supplement ingredient for joint pain. This is not suprising as hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in the hydration of joint tissues within the body, improving the health of the joints and helping to prevent further damage. It is again important to note that all of the active compounds presented within this supplement review are natural and safe to use. Although, for individuals with select health conditions, it is recommended to always consult a physician before the use of any nutritional or dietary supplement.

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