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Healthy Eating Books to Stay Fit and Slim

If you would just like to purchase our most recommended healthy eating book, you can get it here.

If you want to eat healthily, the first thing you'll realize is that you need to find good information resources! There are so many diets and meal plans to choose from and it can get confusing. Along with a healthy diet, exercise and fitness are also important to a balanced lifestyle.

Here are the top 5 healthy eating books found on Amazon, which will help you jump into healthy eating easily and efficiently.

The Best Healthy Eating Books on the Market

1. Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet

This is so awesome to read because of its diet approach. It tells readers that you only need to eat whole foods and that you don’t need to follow a strict diet at all. It includes a 14 day meal plan and shopping list with lots of tips and recipes. This isn't one book that will make you starve if you follow its advice.

It's also very, very well written. It's full of information and doesn't skimp on the important details. It has lists and charts that you can use that are really helpful. It highlights the most important sections and gives excellent advice on the nutrition rules you should follow.

Unfortunately, this book has no pictures, which is its only real flaw. However, it has both simple and complex recipes and delivers itself as being a real healthy eating resource.

This is much more like a nutrition food guide, instead of a simple cookbook. The recipes can be used for different seasons, there's a comprehensive explanation and list on eating whole grains, and it also lists herbs you can cook with. This book is packed with information. It should be an excellent and thorough read for anyone interested in health.

2. Eat, Drink, Be Healthy

This one is a huge bestseller now and has been over the years. It's over a decade old, but still a huge favorite for many people. It's so popular because of how in depth it is!

This book gives you a basic guide to healthy eating but it does so much more than just that. It goes over healthy eating myths, talks about problems that really common diets can have, and, best of all, quotes studies showing how effective multiple diet types really are.

If you're looking for a book that's backed up by the facts and gives solid evidence for different cases, this is the book for you. Also, this book includes some recipes too, so it’s excellent if you need recipe ideas!

3. Clean Eating Recipes Cookbook

This has recipes for all different types of people, from vegans to people who love to eat meat. You can easily find the recipes section instead of having to skim throughout the book. The recipes are really varied, so you can choose what types of meals you want, from snacks to dinner.

There aren't any pictures, but these recipes can be awesome because they're so simple! There's a good chance you'll already have many of the ingredients lying around your home, so you won't have to purchase anything special.

Aside from the recipes, the rest of the writing is very detailed. The writing is excellent, making this book a great resource for healthy eating.

4. Clean Eating Amazingly Delicious Cookbook

With this, you get a do's and don'ts clean eating guide, tips, and lots more. It's filled with basic facts about healthy eating and processed foods, so if you're a beginner to all of this, this book should be perfect for you!

There’s a huge variety of recipes that are creative and delicious but also simple. You'll learn a lot about food from this book. You'll learn that the most important thing is eating healthily and then weight loss will follow naturally.

5. Healthy Eating, 3rd Edition

You'll read about an action plan that will make sure that you'll develop better eating habits! You'll get a lot of motivation from this book. So, in order to develop eating habits that are actually solid, this is definitely the book for you!

I think many people will love how this book actually focuses on real habits, and doesn't just give basic guidelines.

So Which Healthy Eating Book Is Best?

So the first book on this list is the best one to me. It focuses on making a total lifestyle change but not in a dramatic way. You don't need to be extremely strict or only eat from certain food groups. You can have as much variety as you want and need to have. This book actually features 105 recipes, for every meal throughout the day. It really opens your mind up to how many food options you truly have.

best healthy eating books

It teaches you how to stock your kitchen properly, so that you don't have to guess at which foods you need to buy, recipe by recipe. You won't need to buy random or exotic foods, unless you want to. There's also a food glossary at the end of the book that goes into extra detail. This book is filled with an incredible amount of information.

However, this book can also have really surprising information too. It talks about foods that you should get rid of, or at least foods that could be giving you bad reactions. It mentions foods that you wouldn't suspect were bad or unhealthy at all, like whole wheat bread. Then, it talks about superfoods! It has a list of the best superfoods you can buy and it explains why they are so amazing.

It also teaches you how to cook food, so that it retains more of its nutritional value instead of losing it from being overcooked or not being cooked properly. There are some vegetarian recipes to pick from also. It wasn't written for a specific dogma to follow, so anyone, whether they're vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, can follow this book's guidelines and adapt them to their own specific diet. You don't have to fit into any specific category to find this book useful.

So, if you have been looking for a book that you'll be able to use as a reference guide, time and again, this is it. It's so comprehensive and so detailed, you'll need to read it multiple times just to absorb all of the useful information. Excellent book at an excellent price; you can't go wrong.

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