The Best Diet Pills to Lose Weight Fast in 2017

Nowadays, losing extra weight has become a very frustrating problem for many obese people. And the reason behind this is their hectic work schedule and a growing number of drives through restaurants along with fast food joints.

By eating high-calorie diets, more and more people are gaining extra calories. Due to this, they suffer from many severe diseases like heart problems, diabetes, fatty liver, non-alcoholic liver function disease and much more. The growing weight is the cause of arthritis and high blood pressure that can result in strokes or brain hemorrhage.

There are specific weight loss pills available in the market which assure an exceptional weight loss in a very short period, but you must try only those diet pills which approved by are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or those accepted by the state laws. There are excellent options that can help you to lose weight fast and safe, and that is the diet pills.

These pills are very popular medicated tablets that can help you shed those extra calories very easily. The pills act as an appetite suppressant and prevent frequent food cravings. You will not crave for your favorite dishes like pizza, burgers and other sweet products that accelerate weight gain. These tablets aid in flushing out the toxins from your body and help you to revitalize your immune system.

​If you are looking to lose weight more naturally than using medication, you can use a dietary supplement.

Do You Need a Prescription for Diet Pills?


Some of these diet pills do not need any prescription when buying them from the market while some need it. You can purchase them from the pharmacy, drug store, or also from places online, like Amazon. Usually, from Amazon, the pills are less expensive and are certified to be of the best quality.

Before you purchase these pills, you should check all the details about your product including the ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date and any possible warnings. With this, you can be assured that the pills have the actual substance blended into them.

What Dosage Should You Take?

To know the exact dosage, you can either consult your medical practitioner or can you communicate with the manufacturer’s website, which can help you out regarding the matter. However, the standard dosage is one tablet, thrice a day, that is; before breakfast, before lunch, and before your dinner.

In the starting days of the course, you can experience some changes in your diet, taste, and your lifestyle but after a few days, you will feel comfortable with this daily routine. People who love to eat will snack a lot less as these pills help in decreasing the appetite of a person. These over the counter diet pills create a fake feeling of a full stomach and thus no more munchies or cravings.

After about two weeks you will start noticing a visible difference in your body shape and weight. It will enhance your looks and beauty too. You will no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of your beautiful and slim friends, as you are looking better. Your life will be much better and happier than ever before.

The Five Best Diet Pills to Lose Weight Fast

I have scoured the web to bring you the most highly acclaimed diet pills for the year. These results are based on the most widely used options on the market.

1. Phen 375

Phen 375 is our top recommendation among the best diet pills. In our experience, we believe that it is currently the most effective diet pill on the market.

This diet pill has a dual capacity. Its principal function is to speed up the fat burning process. It can also reduce the fat levels in the body by converting fat to energy, and it can increase your energy levels and vitality. Its secondary function is that of an appetite suppressant that reduces your cravings and your calorific intake.

Phen 375 comes in the form of a capsule; it needs no medical prescription and is FDA approved. It also lacks dangerous side effects (like the ones caused by the banned Phentermine).

Realistic weight-loss expectations for Phen375 range from between 3 to 5 lbs per week, which is a total of 20lbs per month.

2. XLS-Medical Fat Binder

This is the next recommended pill after Phen 375.

XLS-Medical FB is a fat binder which prevents the digestive system from absorbing approximately 30% of the ingested fat. It is the most potent fat binder and one of the best diet pills of its kind.

Its secondary function is that it acts as a moderate appetite suppressant that prevents cravings and over-eating.

XLS-Medical FB is a non-prescription diet pill, and it can contribute to the lowering of your calorie consumption by up to 300 calories per day and works within two weeks to produce the desired fitness.

It is safe to use and has plenty of positive user feedback in its favor. In fact, it is known as one of the most medically accredited diet pills in the non-prescription category.

3. Forskolin Extract

This is the third most recommended pill for fast weight loss.

Forskolin extract is a very efficient carb-blocker after the above-discussed that also acts as a metabolism booster. It blocks up to 80% of the ingested carbohydrates, suppresses your appetite and helps your body burn calories faster by boosting its metabolic rate.

It is these combined reasons that position forskolin extracts as one of the best diet pills in the non-prescription category. While being a relatively new tablet on the market, it has received much positive feedback in a short time - making it one of the leading diet pills of its generation as it tends to combine multiple slimming approaches in one product.

4. Orlistat

This is the forth recommended pills for fast weight loss.

This medicine reduces fat absorption by the intestinal wall by inhibiting the activity of pancreatic lipase enzyme. The diet pill is available by prescription originally. It is now under full approval by the Food and Drug Administration an OTC medicine since February 2007. Its duration of action ranges from 1-2 weeks.

Side effects: The pill can lead to undesirable laxative effects especially in individuals whose diet is high in fat.

5. Sibutramine

This is the fifth in the category of weight loss pills.

This pill suppresses appetite hence reducing the desire for food. It works for 3-4 weeks to produce the intended results.

Side effects:

This diet pill may cause hypertension and may lead to dry mouth, insomnia, headache, and constipation.

These Are the Best Diet Pills to Lose Weight Fast, BUT

Therefore, the most popular weight loss pills are; Phen 375, Fat Binders, Forskolin, Orlistat, and Sibutramine. This is because the pills work for a short duration and present minimal severe side effects with some of them offering none. It is of the utmost importance to consult your doctor before using any of these pills. Your body may react differently to the substances than other individuals; please contact your physician.

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